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The Push

Hello everyone! I wanted to kick this week off on the right foot, so this post will be a bit on the motivating side. We are at a critical time in life where we literally have access to the world at our fingertips. Whatever dreams and aspirations you have, it is ALL possible.

If you wanted to learn how to play the guitar, for example, all you have to do is jump on the internet and watch a few “how-to” video’s or find a local teacher on sites like YELP. If you wanted to further your education, you can apply for and take classes online RIGHT NOW! If you wanted to build a support group for an important cause, you can easily put together a fan page within minutes and begin building your team. The list can quite literally go on FOREVER!

So what is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people? It’s simple, they take action and continue to find ways to make it happen, by doing whatever it takes. They throw the excuses out the window. With all this technology, our lives have become much more simpler, but I hear people say they are too busy. The point of MOST technology is for luxury and saving time, how are we even MORE busy than ever?

To me, it boils down to ONE word. PRIORITY. I have written MANY posts on this, but we ALL need the gentle reminder every once in a while. If living out your dream is a priority to YOU, it WILL happen. We know that it CAN happen, but you are the determining factor if it ever WILL happen.

It’s time to put the excuses in the trash, and stand up for your dreams. This time of year (beginning of the school year) wreaks of starting fresh. Take your life to the NEXT level! PUSH the limits and set the tone TODAY! Do 10 times the amount of work today and create your own momentum! Take action, believe and stick with the script. Forget ALL the past doubts and failures, today is the day you are going to PUSH your way into success (however you define it).

Get up and GOOOOOOOO!!!

Let me know  (in the comment section) RIGHT NOW, what you are going to do to PUSH yourself to the next level!

To Your Massive Success,


Ps. Keep your eye out for The Motivation Files!!!

Did they talk you out of it? [DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN]

I was wondering, did they talk you out of it?

One of my biggest passions in life is dream building with people. I love to hear what their dreams are. It’s absolutely fascinating to me.

I also know it’s important for folks to even have dreams. As kids, we all had BIG DREAMS (some more wildly than others). But as the years progressed, the majority of people forget that childlike belief they once had. Life hit them so hard, they feel bad for themselves and call it “reality” haha I love that one.

We ALL get knocked down, it’s up to US to get back up. We cannot depend on other people to achieve success for us…

So, are you allowing life events stop you from living your dream life? Or did they talk you out of it?

Who are they?

The negative people! These people are bottom feeders and operate at an extremely LOW level frequency. They talk people out of living their dream life because of their own shortcomings. They are constantly in disbelief at your goals and doubt you would ever achieve them (some friends they are).

You know…you would think, that since this world pounds us daily with negative junk, that when a positive person comes along with their high level vibes, it would carry the people around them up as well. BUT IT DOESN”T.

I came to the conclusion Read More…

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