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How To Get Your Spouse On Board

I received an interesting question on this install of Ask Jimm. In fact, this was a subject I had answered on one of my YouTube videos titled Spousal Support. There are many things we have to overcome while pursuing our dreams and one of the BIGGEST hurdles is NOT having the support needed to move forward.

So how do you get your spouse/partner on board with your dream? First, lets look at a FEW important components that will IMMEDIATELY affect this situation.

1. How long has this been a dream?

2. Your Past

3. Your level of seriousness

So let’s take these 3 components individually. How long has this been a dream is the first one. Is this something you JUST began 2 hours ago or is this something you have been dreaming about for years? This is important because it distinguishes the validity of your commitment. Your spouse/partner will more than likely NOT be so excited about something new if you are CONSTANTLY coming up with “new” ideas, but never do anything with them. The key here is to bring something SOLID to the table.

Secondly, your past will affect what your spouse/partner thinks of your “new” endeavor. If you are super floppy with your dreams are simply a person who talks and talks about what you are going to do, but NEVER take action, it’s going to be a hard argument to get support. Branding yourself as someone who is committed to what they set out to do, is HUGE! Let your partner/spouse know that your past does NOT have to be your future and give them REASONS why you are going to change and the outcomes WILL be different.

Lastly, how serious you take yourself is ultimately how serious MOST people will take you. If you are jumping from shiny object to shiny object and NEVER settle in with anything for more than a month, you should reconsider this new venture. If you are persistent and consistent with approaching your dreams, it’s easier for your spouse/partner to provide the support you need because you are showing them you are serious.

It’s important you have a REAL conversation with your spouse/partner and let them know where you stand with the whole idea. Tell them that YOU need their support.

Give it a time frame.

Let them know to stick with you for the next 6-12-18 months to see where this is all headed. And if it doesn’t work out, then they can go back to NOT being supportive. It’s now your job to prove yourself RIGHT! Make a plan, share it with them and include them where possible.

I really hope this episode of Ask Jimm helps you out or maybe it may help someone you know…Please share and comment below if you found ANY of this information helpful.

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Spousal Support (video)

If you have a spouse that is chasing their dreams, SUPPORT them as much as possible…it means the world to them…

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