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Your Attitude Can Make ALL The Difference In Attaining Anything You Want

What kind of attitude do you have when you approach your dreams? Are you confident or do you simply say you have “dreams” but really think they are unattainable? Do you believe you are untouchable? Are you self-assured?

In attaining anything in life, we all know there has to be a sense of a real want; or as Napoleon Hill would describe as a “burning desire”. He also referenced successful people being on the “beam”. That is a powerful focus to attain something specific. Think about race horses for a moment. They literally have blinders hooked up on them so they do not get distracted from the goal; only able to look straight ahead. Is that your approach towards your goals?

We have to be real with ourselves, attaining the BIGGER dreams are going to take some time and you will face bigger problems. This can be intimidating and sometimes it may burn us out. We may have to confront fear; as they say success truly is on the other side of fear.

All this aside, what kind of attitude do you have when you approach your dreams? I have to be honest here; I had set some pretty lofty dreams/goals in my life and only did it just because it sounded good. I guess you can say I got caught up in the moment. But that wasn’t the issue…how BIG your dreams are, will NEVER be the issue. The key to attaining your goals is BELIEF! You have to actually believe you CAN achieve them! Look at your results thus far in life, which is what your belief system helped you attain.

To kick your belief into HIGH GEAR, you have to change your attitude. You have to be confident on your life’s path. Just know deep down inside that you Can achieve your dream life and WILL achieve your dream life. Become immortal in your approach. You are untouchable. You are the BEST! You are unstoppable; nothing will hold you down!

When you snap into this aggressive, take action, kick butt attitude, it will build your belief up! People will sense the confidence on you. Believing is half the battle. Put in some consistent/persistent work and your desires will come pouring in so fast you won’t know what to do with them! Believe, Believe, Believe!!!

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What’s Your Personal Value?

What are your talents, gifts, strengths, skills and abilities? Are you managing them well? I truly believe we ALL were given specific strengths for a reason. It’s our duty to realize, accept and sharpen these strengths.

 Have you ever noticed someone with abnormally gifted skills and thought to yourself, “They are so lucky they were born with that ability.”? This happens every four years for me; watching the Olympics. The most elite athletes displayed in grueling competition for the entire world to see. It’s easy watching the Olympics and think to yourself, “must be nice to be so talented at something.” Or while watching sports, to say, “These people get paid to play!” I find myself being a bit of a hater once in while. But the TRUTH is, we ALL have strengths that we can tap into which will reveal the same results; BUT only if we realize, accept and sharpen them.

 This gives us all tremendous VALUE as human beings. We are ALL valuable is some shape or form. Utilizing our gifts to push humanity forward is one of the highest callings in life. So what’s your value? What do YOU have to offer the world? (If you say “nothing”, I’m NOT buying it!)


Draw a mind map of ALL your gifts, talents and abilities. You are so much more valuable than you think and this mind map will help with this concept. Sometimes we beat ourselves up so much, we undervalue ourselves! Anyone who is competitive does this all the time. WE compare our worse to others best, and beat ourselves up for not being the best. But the truth is, if you are trying to become the best version of yourself on a daily basis, you are the BEST! Put your chin up and chip away at this mind map to show YOURSELF your true VALUE!

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