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Stop Worrying and Start Living

This can be a very sensitive subject to some folks, but I think it’s a GREAT subject to address. We all have responsibilities we must attend to and put weight on our shoulders. We feel like we have to constantly perform and produce. We stress ourselves out with our fearful thoughts. What’s dangerous about this, we can make those fears our REALITY.

Worry, worry, worry! All this worry we have about the world around us, most of which we have no control of is causing this stressful state. The best solution to worry is action! Take action today! Why? Action yields CONFIDENCE! And when you are confident, it will eclipse the majority of your worries. There is some self-assurance involved with confidence that stands with poise in the face of fear.

And finally, to all my believers out there, place your worries and fears in the hands of God. He is behind the scenes fighting battles on your behalf. Allow Him to remove the burden, heal your wounds and comfort your soul with love. Stop worrying and start living!

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Thank you and God Bless! To Health & Wealth! Salud!

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