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Who Are You Listening to???

Are you finding yourself listening to the negative folks who are constantly talking down on your “big ideas” and “lofty” dreams? These people can’t stand it when dreamers begin to think outside the box; it makes them uncomfortable. It challenges their way of thinking and the results it has produced thus far. I find it to be hilarious when I share my dreams with someone and they are literally just stunned at how HUGE my ideas are; that blank stare I get is absolutely priceless!

We have to remember that not everyone is a dreamer and nor are they entrepreneurs. This stuff can be shared with everyone, but will fall on deaf ears the majority of the time. There is a low percentage of folks actually living out their dreams and functioning on advanced levels; frequencies which produce the highest results. These elevated thinkers and action takers are the people YOU should be getting around.

Their creative minds will rub off on you. Their opinion will not only be worth listening to, but will be extremely helpful. Why? Well…unlike the naysayers, the dreamers and achievers are cut from the same cloth as you. They know what it’s like to have your imagination run wild on dreams and aspirations. They understand the optimism that comes along with being an entrepreneur.

Today I challenge you to not only STAY POSITIVE, but to stay around positive people! The naysayers will always be there, but will dwindle by the masses once your results come rolling in! Success really is the GREATEST revenge!

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Great wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data. -Peter Drucker

Can You Appreciate it?


This is such a fantastic reminder to us all about gratitude. My wife recently nominated me for the “Gratitude Challenge”, and it rekindled some of my earlier years in the personal development journey. Gratitude was one of the first subjects i studied.

Its importance is golden! Being grateful generates more of what you want and lends appreciation to your life’s path. It was one of the easiest starting points to the personal development journey, because we can ALL relate. We have all experienced something good in life we can appreciate and be thankful for. Whether it was a person, thing or specific situation. Tap into that moment and express our gratitude for it.

You will feel amazing and actually open up the option for God to bless you with more doses of that moment. My friend, you are richer than you think! Simply take the time to reflect on your abundance, and watch how you will mutate into a better version of yourself!

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