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How to Increase Your Net Worth

I just wrote an amazing post up at JimmyleeVelez.com about Increasing your net worth THIS YEAR!!! Here is an excerpt from this helpful post:

If I want to increase my net worth this year, I want to be around people that are going to stretch my imagination and push my dreams to levels of Kings!

I want to be around people that are at the top of their game. Strong-willed individuals that make things happen! Surround myself with people that don’t settle anything less then the best. As the Mercedes Benz motto states, “The Best or Nothing”.

I’m talking about the “go-getter’s” that are out there GRINDING it out daily with a burning desire to achieve their goals. Respectful people with high morals and a sense of humility. Folks that are out there PUSHING IT TO THE LIMIT!

Individuals that are reading daily and constantly improving to become the BEST versions of themselves. People that are passionate about life, excited about their futures, and have BIG DREAMS! Grateful people, who have a caring heart and willing to help others.

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To Your Massive Success,

Jimmylee Velez


What Do You Do When This Happens? [INTERESTING]

Adversity just plopped in your life…what do you do when this happens?

I find it extremely interesting to watch how people react when things aren’t going their way…when life is most challenging.

To me it’s a test of our character.

Are you a person who folds under pressure? Do you simply give-up when things are NOT panning out as you had planned?

Sadly, I have seen too many people give up right before their breakthrough happens. This has to be the most disappointing thing that occurs to someone pursuing their dreams.

They are all AMPED up and DREAMING BIG. They tell EVERYONE they’re going to be a HUGE success. They invest a TON of time & money into the pursuit…

Then it happens!

One day they wake up to adversity…a naysayer…some hater’s opinion…sales take a dip…or just simply woke up in a bad mood…then they quit!

They blame everything/everyone for their lack of success…

So I ask you…what do you do when this happens?

I hope you stay the course and continue to push forward. I pray you have the strength to overcome the obstacles life tosses in your direction. Because one day…ONE DAY, that “switch” will happen. All the adversity will disappear and SUCCESS meets you at the door.

Finally your consistency & persistency PAYS OFF! You were resilient enough to just stick with it and life is rewarding your courage and patience.

Your hard work, grind and hustle paid off! You believed…you had FAITH…your HOPE carried you through…most importantly, you NEVER GAVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!!

And now my friend…


Well done!

Let me know… WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THIS HAPPENS in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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