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Don’t Miss This [Wealth-Building LEAK]

I recently purchased the November’s issue of SUCCESS Magazine; mainly because it was personally recommended to me by Tom Corley, author of RICH HABITS. He explained to me how he was going to be featured in this month’s issue. I was personally excited for Tom because I knew how hard he had worked at promoting his book from the time I first heard him on The Dave Ramsey Show.
Every SUCCESS Magazine issue comes along with a personal development CD; which in itself is worth the price of the monthly issue. Since November 2014’s issue was titled “The Wealth-Building Special Issue”, Darren Hardy (SUCCESS Publisher & Founding Editor) featured Tom Corley on the wealth-building CD.
Darren usually throws in his knowledge of personal development and presents a few success tips in his intro to every CD. Well, this month’s was so good I just HAD TO GET IT OUT! I simply believe it will help you (and ALL other Go-Getter’s) out in your journey.
He told of the story of how he stumbled upon his very first couple success tips that he still applies today! He was 12 at the time!
So because you are my loyal reader, I will LEAK the success tips here:
1. If you want to make MORE money, do something scary!
2. Training, although it never pays upfront, and working on yourself will eventually pay the BIGGEST dividends.
That’s it! I know they seem kind of simple, but if you look into each one beyond the surface, you’ll discover their complexity.
For tip number one, we all know people love to be comfortable. So the highest paying gigs are usually things that will take the average person out of their comfort zone; something “scary”.
As for tip number two, the Wisdom Miner’s entire website is based off personal development and helping people become the best versions of themselves. This training will pay you MILLIONS if applied a certain way. 

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think about this LEAK in the comment section!To YOUR Massive Success,


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Can You Appreciate it?


This is such a fantastic reminder to us all about gratitude. My wife recently nominated me for the “Gratitude Challenge”, and it rekindled some of my earlier years in the personal development journey. Gratitude was one of the first subjects i studied.

Its importance is golden! Being grateful generates more of what you want and lends appreciation to your life’s path. It was one of the easiest starting points to the personal development journey, because we can ALL relate. We have all experienced something good in life we can appreciate and be thankful for. Whether it was a person, thing or specific situation. Tap into that moment and express our gratitude for it.

You will feel amazing and actually open up the option for God to bless you with more doses of that moment. My friend, you are richer than you think! Simply take the time to reflect on your abundance, and watch how you will mutate into a better version of yourself!

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Having an Open Mind


Having an open mind will not only open doors, but it will raise your level of awareness. It will also establish a growing amount of maturity. Maturity has benefits that cannot be calculated. Through maturity, ones understanding and comprehension of people and thyself will elevate.
So my friend, have an open mind and rake in the benefits that come along with it. I always say, try new things (ideas, processes, programs, etc.) if you don’t like the result, you can always go back to your old methods. Make it a GREAT day!

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