What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

Have you ever pondered the question, what happens to a dream deferred?

I think it’s a fantastic way to reflect on life and enter into the realms of both psychology and philosophy. Sometimes we just let dreams go by the wayside and forget all about them because life smacked us upside the head with reality. But is that a good enough reason to completely disregard a dream or a reason to defer it?

Recently, I was accepted into Drexel University’s MBA program and I was suppose to start this Fall (2016). Unfortunately, I was faced with a decision to either decline or defer my admission due to some unforeseen circumstances. It is a DREAM of mine to attend Drexel University, so it was only a matter of time that I would make it a reality; the choice was simple, I deferred my admission ONE year and I will begin my MBA program next Fall (2017).

But the question remains, what happens to a dream deferred? I am not 100% sure, but I will definitely KNOW for sure within ONE year. It is easy for me to say NOW that in ONE year exactly I will live out my dream, but what if another “unforeseen circumstance” happens again? Well, for starters, I would have to start ALL over again and go through the admissions process from scratch. I would then have to HOPE the university would accept me again.

The big issue here is that the University has a limited amount of people they can accept into each program. Why would they want to use a slot on someone who has declined their offer the first time? I cannot answer that, but I am sure the chances of that happening have decreased significantly.

That being said, I have plenty of time to get things in order to make certain my dream comes true! I have a plan in place and I am currently executing the plan. I am not so sure what happens to a dream deferred, but I AM sure I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make it a reality.

I guess the answer lies within the dreamer…

That’s right, it depends on the person whose dream it is. Are you a go-getter? Are you ambitious? How bad do you want it? Was it deferred for a valid reason? Or was it an excuse? Do you have the will power to defer something and come back for it? Is this simply procrastination? Will you allow a dream to slip through your fingers? How close were you to achieving it? What are you willing to sacrifice?

If you can answer those questions, I guess you can then answer ‘what happens to a dream deferred?”. As for me, I will post a blog this time next year with an answer to such a great question. I will say this, I did defer a dream once and came back to accomplish it…ask me about it when you see me!

I will conclude this post with the poem that popped to mind when I had to defer my admission into Drexel University.

What happens to a dream deferred?
      Does it dry up
      like a raisin in the sun?
      Or fester like a sore—
      And then run?
      Does it stink like rotten meat?
      Or crust and sugar over—
      like a syrupy sweet?
      Maybe it just sags
      like a heavy load.
      Or does it explode?

5 Ways to Achieve Career Advancement When There’s No Career Ladder

One of the most important aspects and factors to the American workforce is advancement. Perhaps it is indeed the greatest thing about the American economic marketplace that we actually do have the option for career advancement. The free market of the United States is set up in such a way that opportunity is there to be seized by anyone who wants it, and it is tangible for literally anyone.

When I was working for Chevrolet in the 1980s, there was no, “career ladder. I worked in the sales department, and the way you advanced was by selling a lot of cars. I made this my mission and my goal, and in pursuing this I traveled all across the eastern United States selling Chevy cars and trucks. I won Chevrolet’s annual award for top salesman in the entire company during a couple different years, and I did it without any help from any kind of career ladder.

How to Advance with No Ladder

Build Relationships within Your Company

There’s something to be said for having good relationships with the people you work with. The person who is very social, who works hard, who meets his or her targets, and who can strike up a conversation with and be friendly and amicable with anyone and everyone from the janitor to the CEO is going to be more likely to advance than the recluse who keeps to himself or herself all day long.

Expand your Knowledge Base

You can never know too much or even enough about your company and your product and your company’s goals and ambitions. The more you know the more valuable and critical you will be to the company. Be sure to expand your knowledge even outside of your department, and try to learn everything you can about the entire organization.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Dress well. Work out. Eat well. Get a good night’s rest. Take vitamins and supplements. Don’t smoke or drink. If you don’t follow these key points, then it drops you down in the eye of your CEO. Keep these guidelines in mind daily and you will be noticed, which will make advancement easier.

Concentrate More on Quality Instead of Quantity

Really make your hours at work count, and produce to the best of your abilities while you are at work. Don’t overwork yourself and think that by working lots of extra hours you will get noticed more. You’re more likely to get burned out and perform poorly as a result of it.

Ask for Advancement

Last but not least, if you want to advance, sometimes you just have to go up to your boss and ask for it. Don’t

be afraid to do this, and it’s likely that it will work as a result of your attempt at it.

I believe it would be safe to say that advancement is more difficult now that it was in the past, simply because advancement is not guaranteed and there is more competition now. Rather than worrying so much about it though, just apply the above tips and work towards it day after day after day.

Your career and your future are yours to own. Don’t ever let yourself believe that someone else other than you is more responsible than you are for your happiness and success in life. Rather, come to terms with the fact that you are the author of your own novel of life, and you can make changes and effect positive results to the degree that you work to accomplish this goal.

Per Wickstrom is the founder and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, one of the top holistic rehabilitation centers in the country. He found sobriety after a decades-long struggle with addiction and has since dedicated his life and career to helping others find the same life-affirming success he has. Visit his blog or connect with Per via Twitter or Facebook.

Starting Over: How to Establish a Strong Foundation for a New Career


Image by bykst

Starting Over: How to Establish a Strong Foundation for a New Career [GUEST BLOG POST]

If you’ve recently lost your job, you may be panicking about paying bills or finding your next position. But it is important to remember that you are starting a new chapter in life. Therefore, you want to make sure you have established a strong foundation before jumping into the next stage.

As someone who dramatically changed trajectory later in life, I know that the prospect of starting a new career may be scary, but laying the groundwork will help ensure that your next step is more successful than the last. For a positive new career path, try the following techniques.

Think it Out

Only by reflecting on what worked (and what didn’t) in the past, can you choose a new career path. Take some time to consider what you enjoyed and what you disliked about your old job. From there, you can decide what features are necessary for you to find success in a new career. You can also figure out what field your particular set of skills best applies to.

Reach Out

Stephen King once said, “Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.” When you are rewriting a chapter in your own life, make sure that you are open to advice from others. Friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers can be

great resources when it comes to starting a new career. Draw from these peoples’ experiences while you are deciding on your future path. Furthermore, these individuals may present you with job opportunities or openings that they are aware of. So, spread the word about your search for a fulfilling new career.

Try it Out

If a particular career path speaks to you, try it out before you jump in. Get connected with a temp agency that can place you in your field of choice for a short period of time. Not only will this help you pay those looming bills, it will also help you gain experience and decide if you enjoy that field. If you find it is the path you’d like to take, you may even land a permanent job at that company. You can also try freelance work, especially if you think you’d like to start your own business. This is a relatively risk-free way to try a new career without a serious time or financial commitment.

When starting a career in the addiction recovery industry, I used these techniques to build my business. I used my sales skills to obtain funding; I reached out to current experts in the industry; and I had already tried out the field via first hand experience. I was therefore able to begin my new career, which has turned into a successful and thriving business.

 Per Wickstrom is the founder and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, one of the top holistic rehabilitation centers in the country. He found sobriety after a decades-long struggle with addiction and has since dedicated his life and career to helping others find the same life-affirming success he has. His program is based on natural and holistic methods and has helped lead hundreds to recovery. Connect with Per via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Everyone is Battling Something

I believe it is fair to say that EVERYONE is battling something. To some degree, we are ALL facing our very own “Goliath”. However, there seems to be a level of carelessness when it comes to handling the “battles” everyone else is facing.

Are we truly being empathetic towards others?

Lets face it, we are ALL consumed with our own lives and ALL of the complexities it entails. There are so many things going on at once, it is very hard to genuinely invest our time/emotions into other things. I am not sure if it is simply the fast-paced society we live in, or if we have just grown a part from each other.

One thing is for sure, we are all connected to each other to some extent. I believe our personality, compassion, geographical location and some other factors determine the extension. Still, with all these factors acting as glue for our connectivity, we seem to be missing the mark when it comes to being empathetic.

I think it is time to recognize that everyone is going through a rough patch in life. It may not be something you even notice or are aware of, but it’s important to understand this concept at its basic level. Nobody in this world has it “all together” or “all figured” out, even if it appears to be that way. Inside, each individual has challenges they face daily. If we all can just grasp that fact, I believe the world would be a better place.

I don’t want to sound childish or immature, but I seriously believe if we can all briefly get our heads out our own problems for one minute, this idea would be very clear. It’s simply having an awareness and a compassion towards others. What this does is it eliminates the top layer of judgement we place on each other. It’s a forced pause, a thinking halt, and an empathetic appreciation for one another.

So all this “misunderstood” and “anger” may be not as intense as it currently is. Lets try to put ourselves in other peoples shoes and try to understand their perspective. Maybe ask “why” to yourself first and then proceed with your approach. These little pauses WILL make a world of a difference. Let’s be clear, this is not to excuse ANYONE from stupidity or any form of abuse, it is simply an exercise to grow our emotional intelligence.

I say give it a try today. Before you make a judgement on someone, pause and realize they are facing a “Goliath” at some level and they are acting with that on their shoulders. Let me know your thoughts and keep a look out for my Podcast, “Everyone is Battling Something” next week on the Rotated Views Podcast.

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To Your Massive Success,


Look At What You Produced!

“Will you look at that. Take a look at it. Just look at it…that’s all you can do, is just look at it” – Ed Bassmaster (comedian) One of my favorite skits, “look at this car” by Ed; absolutely hilarious! It’s a 5 year old video, but with over 26 million views, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh (even if you saw it already). If you have the time to squeeze in a good laugh, jump on YouTube and look this guy up; he is pure entertainment!

Anyway, this little catch phrase, “just look at it” went viral and I thought of it when this topic came to mind. I want you to sit back and think about what you have produced in life; the results. It can be the job you have, the income you are earning, the spouse you attracted, the relationships you have built, etc. Just LOOK at the product.

Now…when you think of what you produced, are you happy, disappointed, or satisfied? Most folks are a little bit of all three. I am not going to drag this onto an extremely long essay about making people feel like crap about themselves. That is not my point at all.

I simply want to help you (briefly) to JUMPSTART your life in the right direction in the FASTEST possible way. And the reason I asked you to reflect on your results is because if you do not know WHERE you are, you cannot accurately describe where you are headed. So, every once in a while you will be knocked to your knees (life does it to us all). The key is to STOP and reflect.

Learning from our experiences is what it is ALL about. Whether good or bad, we have to extract the valuable LESSONS life is teaching us. THIS is how we grow. THIS is how we progress.

Once we are able to acknowledge the lesson, we can THEN change the results. Sometimes I see people do the same thing over and over again yielding the SAME results and settle for such frustration. They blame life and everything under the sun, but fail to make adjustments. I have done this in the past myself, so it’s pretty painful to watch. So if you can understand where you are, appreciate the lesson, and add it into your mind as knowledge reserved for future experiences, you will begin to see the sparks of wisdom flare.

It is at this point you can PRODUCE something that is even MORE valuable. Your results will begin to change and manifest into items of higher frequencies. This element of excellence is a MAJOR factor to becoming outrageously successful. Humbling yourself to begin this process is where it all starts.

I want you to be HAPPY with what you are producing and believe the above tips will at least get you going. Of course I cannot explain such a complex reality of life in a small blog post, but hopefully it will get you going in the right direction; or at least REMIND you of what you need to be doing to attain GREATNESS and experience your FULL POTENTIAL.

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To Your Massive Success,


A College Degree, A Porsche & A Vacation

Sounds like a dream life, doesn’t it? Well it is…but it is also possible…

My friend was able to attain his bachelors degree, purchase a Porsche, and take multiple vacations within ONE YEAR! Do I have your attention? Even just a little bit? If you want to hear a snippet of his story, check out Episode 6 of the Rotated Views Podcast RIGHT HERE. I do not want to make my friends story sound like an overnight success. There were YEARS put into attaining his dreams and you can learn more about them in the podcast.

You will hear the MAIN TOPIC, Never Give Up, throughout the episode and our perspectives on it, but I wanted to give a little more insight and shed some light on the most OVERLOOKED (in my opinion) topic.

If you ask me, “never giving up” is a mentality. There are certain factors that contribute to this mindset and WILL deliver the goods if applied properly.

Have you ever given up on something AND regret your decision?

I say forget it and move on. Placing regret on the matter will NOT improve it or move you any closer to fixing the problem. Plus, I am a FIRM believer in that things happen for a reason. The key here is to learn the lesson and use the new knowledge when applicable; that is the TRUE essence of never giving up!

The secret is to tap into your WHY. Whenever you feel like quitting, my recommendation is that you REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED. If you can create a method that will constantly remind you of your WHY, quitting something will become EXTREMELY difficult.

You have to be able to answer this question at the crossroads of quitting…

what will be worse, the pain of continuing the pursuit and eventually reach you goals or the pain of giving up and NEVER achieving your dreams?

Regardless of how tired you are, KEEP AT IT! Keep pushing towards your goals EVERY single day. Never cave in. Fight through the pain. Never give up!

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To Your Massive Success,



P.S. For some clarification, there ARE some things you must give up, but this varies by situation and I recommend a consultant, mentor or life coach for such delicate matters.



When I hear about someone’s “view” I immediately think of someone standing on a balcony of their hotel room, arms stretched (metaphorically hugging the sky) overlooking a beach town. I think about all of the things they could see and absorb into their memory. I think about the fresh air they are breathing in and the ocean aroma blazing their sense of smell. I think of the sounds of nearby traffic, restaurant music and ocean waves clashing onto shore. I guess you can say, this view was a symbolic feeling of freedom.

An interesting aspect is that their view is slightly different from every other person standing on their balcony in this hotel. They are residing in the same location, but depending on the room they are staying in, the views vary tremendously.

Some folks have a view of the courtyard, some have a view of another hotel, and some have a view of the parking lot. There are also differences in views which are determined by which floor you are staying in. Obviously, the higher the floor, the opportunity of having a much broader view increases dramatically; I mean, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong has 118 floors! That stated, there are CLEAR differences in everyone’s views.

This is the EXACT reason WHY and HOW the Rotated Views Podcast came into creation. I always wanted to have my own podcast, but between timing and content, I was uncertain about the whole thing.

My buddy Gabe and I are both very much into the personal development/self-help arena. When we would have discussions, they normally resulted into philosophical and challenging conversations. We would joke about having these conversations recorded and shared with everyone. On the other hand, I would have similar conversations with my brothers and cousins; mostly over a cigar. To top this all off, I was on a weekly mastermind call with my friend Scott which ALSO led to profound conversations about life, entrepreneurship and success.

This went on for YEARS and finally last year my buddy Scott was taking on the project of beginning a podcast for himself, so I was able to see all the things that went into the process. I was busy with my spoken word album and book, The Motivation Files at the time, but knew one day I was going to create my very own podcast.

Well, 2016 was here and it was time to get this podcast rolling. After lengthy discussions with my buddy Gabe, my buddy Scott, my brothers and my cousin Manny, I decided to MAKE IT HAPPEN! I wanted to put together a podcast that had various perspectives on all aspects of life; hence the name Rotated Views. This would give a point of view from all levels of the “hotel” and ALL types of people could relate.

That is the shortened version of the development process of The Rotated Views Podcast. I will reveal the WHOLE story in a future podcast, so stay tuned for that! I just wanted to give you a little background of why I am so excited to FINALLY release this new project to the world. We have been working VERY HARD behind the scenes and faced some challenges. The important thing is that we OVERCAME adversity and manifested this dream.

We kicked the podcast launch off with Episode 1: Can’t We All Just Get Along? Here we touch upon the importance of understanding each other, bullying and how delicate relationships really are. We then published Episode 2: Are You Aware?!?! This episode touches the deeper meaning of life and really pulls out an interesting discussion of self-awareness. We followed the first two episodes up with Episode 3: You Have To Earn It. This third installment completes our launch of the podcast and dives RIGHT into karma, the law of attraction and earning your way through life.

All three episodes are currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn Radio applications. Download and subscribe to the podcast. We would also appreciate it if you would take the time to rate it and leave us some feedback. Lastly, let us know what you think of each episode, send comments, questions, or concerns to info@jimmyleevelez.com

Again, thank you for all the LOVE & SUPPORT! We look forward to recording future podcasts and are excited to live out our dreams right before your eyes! What an amazing feeling to be doing something you LOVE!

Check out our Official Pre-Launch Video we produced for facebook, HERE

To Your Massive Success,

Jimmylee & The Crew!

PS. Yes, we launched our “Views” the same week Drake Dropped his “Views From The 6album; this was not intentional, but kind of ironic.


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