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Change is Necessary for Progression to Take Place

Are you in a rut? Do you feel like you are running in circles? Are you tired of the same old stuff day in and day out?

What do you attribute this frustrating state to?

I remember there was a time where I was completely frustrated with EVERYTHING! Nothing (in my eyes) was going right. My results were sub-par in virtually all aspects of life.

One thing I noticed (during this rough patch) was that I was caught up in a daily routine that was extremely comfortable to me...I wasn’t really being challenged in anything.

So I tried this one thing that got the situation to turn into something positive...I changed my workout schedule…lol

I know this sounds ridiculous, but this small difference in my schedule changed my entire day as well as my approach. Soon enough I started changing my reading schedule and even added multiple books into the mix. I took different routes to go to the grocery store.

Believe it or not, this changed my life. I knew from this point on, if I wanted progress to happen in my life I had to get out of the daily “routines”.

I had to make small incrimental changes! Nothing was too big of a leap because I would have gotten discouraged.

But what I noticed was, I started viewing life and everything in it completely different.

My perspective changed…and so did my results!

Change is absolutely necessary for progression to take place. (even tiny changes)

If you find yourself in a rut or unsatisfied with your results, Give it a try! Change something in your routine.

And keep making adjustments until you begin seeing the progression you wish to manifest!

Let me know what you think about MAKING A CHANGE FOR PROGRESSION in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Train Your Brain [The Millionaire’s Hidden Secret]

How do think the majority of successful people maintain their wealth?

Or even if they lost it all…how is it, that within a few years they not only got it back, but surpassed their initial net-worth?

Donald Trump is a fantastic idea for this (I guess I should have called this post the ‘Billionaire’s Hidden Secret‘). Anyway, Donald Trump went bankrupt multiple times and recovered bigger and better each time!

Robert Kiyosaki also went bankrupt and evolved his business into a multi-million dollar empire!

Dave Ramsey did the exact thing with real estate. He went from Millionaire, to bankrupt, to multi-millionaire!

I think you get the picture. BUT HOW???

How are these influencial entrepreneur’s doing it? How are they able to rise from the rubble?

The answer: They trained their brains!

It’s actually quite simple…you can do it too!

They train their brains to think in a certain way. Once life tossed them a few curveballs, they understood/reflected on and learned from those lessons. They applied their experiences to the next life challenge and became overcomers!

They trained their brains to accept “failures” and morph them into lessons! They trained their brains to find the good in every situation.

While others are complaining about the economy and what the government “needs” to do for them, these ambitious individuals are out there making it happen and creating their own “economy”!

Train your brain to find GOOD.

Eventually your brain will ONLY SEE GOOD things! This little trick will yield you an overwhelming amount of abundance in your life.

Simply train your brain to find the good out of every situation and watch how the world turns everything to favor in your direction!

Let me know what you think about The Millionaire’s Hidden Secret in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Shutterfly Aquires Groovebook for $14.5 Million [MUST READ]

I remember watching the episode of Shark Tank at the top of this year. There was a couple that brought a unique Idea to the table.

That couple had a printing business and they came up with an idea for providing a unique service. Having an app that folks can upload their photo’s (from their phone) and groovebook will print and mail out these photo’s for a low cost of $2.99/month. Which is great considering they print out 100 photo’s and mail this nice little binder of memories to your door.

This couple had a dream and never gave up! They didn’t settle! They kept pushing through and proved the critics WRONG! Today, they became MILLIONAIRES!!!

I know we all are guilty of giving up on something. But, have you ever given up on something you thought you NEVER would?

It’s a tough pill to swallow. Especially when you told all your friends and family that you would “never quit”!

Hey, we live and learn…

In my experience, there WILL be some things you have to give up on…but those things should NEVER be your dreams.

On your way to achieving success, you may have to give up one method of arrival to take on another. This is simply a part of the process, but the important thing is, you didn’t quit. In fact, it may be more suitable way for you to take.

There will be a crap load of challenges along the way. You will definitely run into some walls. There will be that day where you were pushed far enough to contemplate quitting.

My suggestion is that you hang on tight. I know you may be seeing othre people succeed or watch celebrities on TV living a “perfect” life of luxury & fame. But the reality is…they too go through the daily struggles.

The difference maker in your life will be your reaction to adversity…

I hope you never, never, NEVER give up!

Keep truckin’ along…Your future self will thank you!

Let me know what you think about NEVER GIVING UP in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Motivation [let’s Go]

When you change the way you look at things…things will change the way they look.

Time is ticking…Your clock on life is running out…

The greatness within you must come out!

When life catches you on the blindside…what will you do? GET UP AND HIT BACK!!!

What are you waiting for? NOW, is the PERFECT time!

Walk with PURPOSE!

You can’t count the cost when it comes to realizing your DREAMS! Just do whatever it takes to get whatever you want.

Hardwork ALWAYS beats Talent! Put in the time and live up to your potential.

You get one chance in life to leave a LEGACY

Effort…cannot be judged…

Don’t be okay with being basic!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Get sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!

No reward comes without RISK!

Go after your DREAMS as if you life depends on it…You only live once…

Do the thing you are most afraid of doing! That is what is holding you back!



Let me know what you think about MOTIVATION in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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This One STRATEGY Can Help Manifest your Dream Life [FREE]

There is a little strategy I use that helps manifest the beautiful life I am living today…

Before I get into that, I wanted to share with you a few pointers for having a paradigm shift.

Paradigm shifts come from a various avenues, but certainly appear more frequently when a person is seeking to change.

This is the Law of Attraction.

To push this along, I tell people to create a NEW HABIT. It takes 21 Days to create a new habit…a drop in the bucket for a lifetime of residual returns!

Whether its weight-loss or attaining a reading habit, you must do an activity for 21 Days straight before it becomes a part of your daily routine. Sometimes the 60-90 Day challenges can be overwhelming. So I am chopping this down by at least 3 times with a 21 Day Challenge.

One day at a time…for 21 Days…to the life of your dreams! That’s it!

Okay, so back to the little strategy that can help manifest your dream life.

I have developed a daily habit of reviewing my goals for a minimum over 4 times a day!!! (even on the weekends)

To help with this process I use this little strategy…VOICE MEMO!

Yup! The little FREE add-on that comes with EVERY SINGLE cell phone.

Simply record yourself stating your goals. Should only be a 2-5 minute recording. Then listen to this recording as much as possible throughout the day. I listen to my voice memo’s on my way into work (instead of the crappy talk radio shows), on my lunch break, and on my way home from work.

This simple little strategy revolutionized my thinking and gave me a tremendous paradigm shift

. It got me thinking in the right direction at all times throughout the day. Especially in the morning (when it’s rough to get up or its a rainy day).

Give it a try. Don’t just take this as a “cute little tactic” and brush it off. This strategy removes the excuses…it’s FREE…it takes 2-5 minutes to record…and will have your mind shifting in NO TIME!

So I challenge you to 21 days of VOICE MEMO! You can do it, just take the first step and record your goals RIGHT NOW and watch how the paradigm shift enters into your beautiful life!

Let me know what you think about THIS ONE little STRATEGY in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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There is a process to attaining success.

It never happens easily, and sometimes the lessons along the way can be painful.

One thing I DO KNOW is that on your way to becoming successful, failure is inevitable.

WE HAVE TO FAIL…don’t take it personal.

Success feels so much better because of the feeling failure gives us. You cant have one without the other. Otherwise you wouldn’t know what the rush of feelings would even mean…you would be just existing.

It’s like happy and sad. You need to be familiar with one to understand/experience the other.

So my friend…you MUST FAIL before you SUCCEED Read More…

Hello From…[SEE WHERE]

Helloooo!!! I wish you were here!!! It’s amazing up here!

Before I tell you where I am, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and reading my posts! I seriously appreciate it and definitely am grateful my audience is enjoying the material. That is what keeps me going!

I now have friends and family sharing my posts on Facebook and telling me they look forward to my blog everyday! Now that is absolutely humbling.

This whole thing started by me wanting to share the information I was learning on my personal development journey. I was reading so many books, articles , etc. that were helping me out personally, that I figured I’d share with the world. Hey, if it worked for me, it will work for someone else.

And here we are today, pushing through stronger than ever! I remember back about 3 years ago my Cousin’s Wife Jen (hey Jen!) texted me asking what had happened to one of my blogs I was posting about celebrities and business. She asked about multiple things and said she envisioned me running a business sharing my thoughts with the world (she knew how much I was into the personal development industry) through writing/speaking.

Anyway, I brought that up because I clearly remember being up the mountains (enjoying some rest & relaxation) and I was reading a book titled “The Power” by Rhonda Byrnes. This is significant because Jen recently asked for a recommendation on a good read and this was the book I recommended (without remembering that time 3 years ago).

I mentioned this to say how funny it is when things come full circle. Here I am sharing my thoughts with the world through writing/speaking and here she is enjoying the book “The Power”. A text from her yesterday, “Great recommendation“! Now that is gratifying! Especially because I never mentioned this story to Jen until now…

The law of attraction is so real it will blow your mind!

So you want to know where I AM???

Cloud 9!!! In complete gratitude for the beautiful life I have been blessed with!

Thanks Again for reading and ENJOY the Journey!

To YOUR Massive Success,
Work with me Directly!


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Don’t Let Them STEAL This! [TERRIBLE]


There are people out there sucking the life out of bystanders as we speak!

What in the world is going on? This is complete mayhem!!! Do NOT fall for this!

There are people out there RIGHT NOW stealing bystanders HAPPINESS! Do not be a victim of this nonsense!

So what should you look for? They are either a “hater” or a “dramatically negative” person. These people will literally steal your happiness right from under you without you even noticing. They consistenly vomit their problems all over you and want you to feel bad for them. They bring you down for following your dreams or doing good in life. They literally HATE to see you happy and yet you still associate with them? Again, I am not talking about the occasional “off day” someone is having. And I’m certainly not telling you not to be compassionate towards others.

I am referring to the “debbie downer’s” in your life! Man it BOILS me up thinking about it! Just because they are angry at life and gave up on their dreams, they want you to do the same!

SCREW THAT! They can (as Dave Ramsey would say) “bite my ankle” with that nonsense! I REFUSE to allow that garbage into my life!

WHY do we do this to ourselves???

Well, mainly they are close friends and family members. Either way, it’s not a good situation.


I am happy to announce that there is a SOLUTION! You can DECIDE to protect yourself.

If you have to be around them…you can “hear” what they are saying, but NEVER accept it as reality! Don’t let them use you as their trash disposal.

Most importantly, do not let them steal your happiness. They are simply JEALOUS and ENVIOUS of you and do not want to see you happy. They will try their best to bring you down and make negative remarks to test you, but you have to put up your shield (put a lid on the trash can).

Stay positive and NEVER let thier words affect you! Brush off their sad comments and move forward. Avoid these people as much as possible! And if they are your spouse…TELL THEM! Let them know that their is no place for their constant negativity…nobody wants to hear it…nobody likes the “boy who cried wolf”. It’s annoying and it’s robbing you of your happiness.

Put your foot down! Don’t let them steal this…HAPPINESS!

With that, let me end here before I go off on another tangent!

Let me know what you think about THE HAPPINESS THEIF’S in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Be Careful What You Say Or… [THIS MIGHT HAPPEN]

As a coach/mentor, one of my favorite things to do is speak encouragement into peoples lives. Keeping things positive and depositing messages of HOPE into them.

It not only gives me energy to keep moving forward, but I love seeing the sparkle of optimism in their eyes.

Wishing people a healthy life of happiness, fuels fire into their confidence. I’m not talking about flattering folks here…that is NO GOOD; plus people can sense the fakeness of flatter. I am talking about a genuine conversation of belief, faith, and expectation into them.

I tell my clients, I expect you to win! Especially if they are under my wing; I am giving them the highest quality information to set them up for the ultimate success in their lives.

Be careful what you say because it will eventually manifest. Be positive under pressure/stress.

We are what we think/say. Also, remember the “little ones” are listening and watching everything we say/do. They will immitate/mimic what they are experiencing.

And DO NOT believe the “tough hype” of some immature person who states, “I just say what’s on my mind”. That has to be one of the most unsophisticated things ever said. Leave the blunt remarks and unplanned verbal ignorances to children who do not know any better. The WISE MAN thinks before he speaks! We have 2 ears, and ONE mouth for a reason.

So to limit the negative things entering your life, as well as your children duplicating any poor habits, maintain a consistent attitude. I know life can knock us down from time to time, but I am really talking about life as a whole, we should really lean towards being more positive/optimistic.

I will leave you with this Quote by Joel Osteen:

“Be careful what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, but ten years later, the wounds are still there.”

So you see…we really must be careful what we say…

Let me know what you think about BEING CAREFUL OF WHAT WE SAY in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
Work with me Directly!


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Staying Focused In A Busy World [MUST READ]

In today’s world of technology, there are so many things that are distracting to the human mind.

There are “pop-ups”, rings, dings, apps, notifications, emails, text messages, instant messages, direct messages, etc.

It’s all very stimulating, but can be extremely bewildering! You must be in control of this little distractions, if not, they can easily mislead you into thinking you are taking action.

These small disturbances are not ALL bad, but we must prioritize them in a way that they are serving us to be productive.

Staying focused in a busy world is absolutely a challenge, but we have to remember that it is FOCUS that keeps us on track. Combine focus with hard work and you are positioning yourself for some EXPLOSIVE results.

I know all these notifications, apps and messages can be addicting (sometimes kind of fun), but remind yourself that unless you are on your liesure time, prioritization is paramount. Stay focused and get things done!

While everyone else is being distracted with another notification that popped-up on their phone, it’s your chance to Dominate the Field!

Stay focused in this busy world. Go out there and CRUSH it!

Let me know what you think about STAYING FOCUSED IN A BUSY WORLD in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
Work with me Directly!


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