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Push Through the FEAR [Motivational]

What would you do if failure wasn’t on the table?

The fear of failure killed so many dreams…Do NOT run away from fear…fear is a liar!

“The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” – John C. Maxwell

Being willing is NOT enough…this is too serious to just be willing…

Simply TALKING about your dream is NOT enough…

We have to get into the ACTION phase! Push through the fear and start Doing!

You have to hate losing more than you love winning. You have to learn how to win!

Stop selling yourself so short! Put forth the effort and be true to yourself. You deserve to live your dream life.

Greatness is not for a chosen few…it’s for the taking! It’s not some precious thing. We are ALL capable of GREATNESS…ALL OF US!

You have to be driven! Pull the greatness out of you.

If today were the last day of your life…are you doing what you would want to do?

Be willing to fail…be wrong…just learn from these mistakes.

You have NOTHING to lose! There is NO reason NOT to follow your heart.

You only have this ONE life…this is your only shot…make the most of it!

Make a REAL decision! Go after what you want with an undeniable grind…an unstoppable hustle…become DRIVEN!

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Train Your Brain [The Millionaire’s Hidden Secret]

How do think the majority of successful people maintain their wealth?

Or even if they lost it all…how is it, that within a few years they not only got it back, but surpassed their initial net-worth?

Donald Trump is a fantastic idea for this (I guess I should have called this post the ‘Billionaire’s Hidden Secret‘). Anyway, Donald Trump went bankrupt multiple times and recovered bigger and better each time!

Robert Kiyosaki also went bankrupt and evolved his business into a multi-million dollar empire!

Dave Ramsey did the exact thing with real estate. He went from Millionaire, to bankrupt, to multi-millionaire!

I think you get the picture. BUT HOW???

How are these influencial entrepreneur’s doing it? How are they able to rise from the rubble?

The answer: They trained their brains!

It’s actually quite simple…you can do it too!

They train their brains to think in a certain way. Once life tossed them a few curveballs, they understood/reflected on and learned from those lessons. They applied their experiences to the next life challenge and became overcomers!

They trained their brains to accept “failures” and morph them into lessons! They trained their brains to find the good in every situation.

While others are complaining about the economy and what the government “needs” to do for them, these ambitious individuals are out there making it happen and creating their own “economy”!

Train your brain to find GOOD.

Eventually your brain will ONLY SEE GOOD things! This little trick will yield you an overwhelming amount of abundance in your life.

Simply train your brain to find the good out of every situation and watch how the world turns everything to favor in your direction!

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It’s About Giving & Being in 2014

“Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.” -Kevin Kruse

This is an absolutely incredible quote that simplifies the real mission in life. We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the “busy-ness” of life and lose sight of our true purpose. Giving and being is not only benefitial to ourselves, but its such a wonderful gift to the world. We can ALL do our part by becoming the people we were meant to be and positively affect lives.

There is something to be said about the act of giving. Everytime I give, there is a sense of accomplishment. I feel good about myself and I am happy to have helped someone else. Also, whatever I give away, seems to return back to me 10-fold. I can’t explain why or what this is other than the law of attraction. I also noticed it comes at random times, but only if my act was done from a genuine place. What I mean is that, I truly never saw a return on “giving” if I had an expectancy for that person/cause to thank me or owe me. Also the sense of satisfaction wouldn’t be there.

Being the person you were meant to be is YOUR true calling. Faking or pretending to be someone you’re not will leave a stench so strong, everyone will notice! Additionally, why immitate someone when you have the opportunity to be unique and stand out from the crowd?

Extract the greatness that is lying dormant inside you TODAY by simply giving and just being YOU!

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A Secret Little Law of Success You Can Apply To Your Life Today!

As you may have read on my post on, I have been studying the Dennis Waitley series, “The Psychology of Winning”. As mentioned, Waitley believes there are 10 qualities “winners” possess that makes them the successful folks they are. I believe this material is priceless, so I wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible.

One of the things ALL winners possess is a “positive self-motivation” quality. Do you focus on what you want? If you know exactly what it is you want in life (goal), something that excites you, you will have enough “self-motivation” to attain it. It has to be something that creates a sense of urgency inside of you! It must stimulate enthusiasm and ignite passion! This goal tagged along with the belief you can attain it, will yield the results you desire.

Here is an excerpt from “The Psychology of Winning” program on having “Positive Self-Motivation”:
“The positive self-motivation of total winners has two sources: (1) a self-expectant personal and world view and (2) an awareness that, through fear and desire are among the greatest motivators, fear is destructive-but desire leads to achievement, success and happiness. They focus on the rewards of success and actively tune-out fears of failure…Winners focus on goals, desires, and solutions, always moving in the direction of their currently dominant thoughts. They dwell on desired results (magnificent obsessions), and look at where they want to go, instead of troubled places the may have been or may still hide…”

What is your motivation and how do you communicate it with yourself? Continue to seek out your goals and believe only YOU can attain them! They were placed in your heart to pull out the greatness that resides in you! Wake up those old desires and get excited about the life you WILL live once you start taking action in the direction of your dreams! GO out there and GET’ EM! I believe in you! You Do Possess Positive Self-Motivation !!!

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Your Attitude Can Make ALL The Difference In Attaining Anything You Want

What kind of attitude do you have when you approach your dreams? Are you confident or do you simply say you have “dreams” but really think they are unattainable? Do you believe you are untouchable? Are you self-assured?

In attaining anything in life, we all know there has to be a sense of a real want; or as Napoleon Hill would describe as a “burning desire”. He also referenced successful people being on the “beam”. That is a powerful focus to attain something specific. Think about race horses for a moment. They literally have blinders hooked up on them so they do not get distracted from the goal; only able to look straight ahead. Is that your approach towards your goals?

We have to be real with ourselves, attaining the BIGGER dreams are going to take some time and you will face bigger problems. This can be intimidating and sometimes it may burn us out. We may have to confront fear; as they say success truly is on the other side of fear.

All this aside, what kind of attitude do you have when you approach your dreams? I have to be honest here; I had set some pretty lofty dreams/goals in my life and only did it just because it sounded good. I guess you can say I got caught up in the moment. But that wasn’t the issue…how BIG your dreams are, will NEVER be the issue. The key to attaining your goals is BELIEF! You have to actually believe you CAN achieve them! Look at your results thus far in life, which is what your belief system helped you attain.

To kick your belief into HIGH GEAR, you have to change your attitude. You have to be confident on your life’s path. Just know deep down inside that you Can achieve your dream life and WILL achieve your dream life. Become immortal in your approach. You are untouchable. You are the BEST! You are unstoppable; nothing will hold you down!

When you snap into this aggressive, take action, kick butt attitude, it will build your belief up! People will sense the confidence on you. Believing is half the battle. Put in some consistent/persistent work and your desires will come pouring in so fast you won’t know what to do with them! Believe, Believe, Believe!!!

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Your Dream Must Be Bigger Than Doubt & The Doubters

Is your armor on? I know exactly what it feels like to have doubt try to get in the way of your vision. It attempts to eclipse your dreams with the fog of negativity. How we perceive doubt and doubters will determine our outcome. I’m not sure about you, but a fire sets deep down inside when I hear a doubter talk.

At the same time, it’s almost funny to hear them talk; their pitiful little excuses praying on your failure. It’s sad, but the truth is, they don’t want you to succeed. Actually, they are scared because if you DO conquer your dreams, it indirectly challenges THEM and who THEY are. And we all know haters enjoy their normalcy. They absolutely LOVE being comfortable. They avoid any sort of challenge by any means possible.

You have to sit back and ask yourself, what are they doing that’s so significant? Whose lives are they changing? What good are they providing society? What service or product are they bringing to the table that will enhance lives and bring prosperity? These average low-thinking folks aren’t on the same level as you.

They can’t even compete with you, that’s why they doubt everything you do. They aren’t even on the same playing field; they can’t touch you. They come nowhere near your hard work and dedication. Your persistency and consistency is killing them inside; this isn’t even a competition. You think and act different than doubters do. You are on another realm of life attempting the unthinkable and doing the impossible

Meanwhile, the doubter is on the couch eating junk, complaining there is nothing on TV. Yet have the nerve to even make a remark to someone who is out there striving to accomplish their dreams. What a joke! Your dream must be bigger than doubt and the doubters.

You must protect your dreams and visions with authority. Don’t let the negativity of a non-believing doubter sway you in ANY way! Your dreams are worth more than that. In fact, the value increases each time a hater says something. So don’t allow the doubt to bring you down; stand strong in the face of hate and remember that they simply aren’t on your level!

Check out HERE what the doubters wish they hadn’t said ANYTHING about! Hahaha! Success is the GREATEST REVENGE!!!

Is There Enough Time For This?


I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine about pursuing our dreams. He was explaining to me his life-long dreams and how incredible it was going to be when he achieved them. He had a very detailed description of all the items he wanted to attain and even HOW he would execute the plan. I’m telling you I was convinced this man was going to achieve success in no time at all. I truly believed in him. BUT…there was one problem…time.

He described all the great goals he was looking forward to attaining, but would provide an equal excuse. His excuses went on to illustrate as to why it not only would be difficult to do, but nearly impossible because of not having ENOUGH time. It was like the conversation of dream building was cancelled out with the double talk of excuses.

Not only was I confused by this duality, but I was frustrated! Here I had an ambitious friend emotionally attached to his life-long dreams that was sincerely convinced he wouldn’t see them come to pass because of time. Time is a HORRIBLE excuse…seriously. When broken down, you always have time; it’s a matter of what activities are hogging it up.

Prioritizing your day by activities of importance, you will reveal that time was NEVER the issue…just an excuse! This TIME excuse was coming from a guy who played poker once a week, was in a billiards league, and played golf on the weekends. Come on man…you definitely have the time to achieve your goals; it’s a matter of how important their attainment is to you. MAKE THE TIME!

As seen in the image, there are 168 hours in a week. There is time for you to go after your dreams; it’s up to you to actually make time for them by cutting out the FAT! Don’t leave this world at 85 years old telling people there was never any time for you to pursue your dreams…the irony is just too much. Go out and prioritize your day/week/month and squeeze your dreams into the mix. Start small and scale it up!

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Time and Mind Are Your Two Sources

What are you doing with your time and your mind? These two assets are what we are ALL given at birth. It’s every individual’s utilization of each that makes all the DIFFERENCE.

Time is so precious. We never know how much of it we will have, so it is imperative we maximize its use. There are tons of folks not chasing after their dreams and yet complaining about not having enough time for the pursuit. I look at it like this, we are going to be here anyway, why not go after it is what we REALLY want. Complaining about not having time is ridiculous considering we ALL have 24 hours in a day.

Could a lack of time be the recourse of poor planning? Are we scheduling ourselves to the MAX for unimportant things? I think the key about time is simply appreciating it. If we can become super effective in its utilization, we will find the opposite is true; there is plenty of time to execute the important things. If we BUSY ourselves with meaningless tasks, then YES there will NEVER be enough time.

Our minds work the same way in that, they are most effective if properly used. Do we actually know what the mind is capable of doing? What percentage of our minds have we even tapped into? It’s up to YOU to…well quite literally, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Of course there are certain circumstances that are out of the equation, but for a healthy human being, we are responsible for what our minds are producing. What are we feeding our minds? Television, radio, books, and our circle of influence are all TOP items that have a tremendous effect on the outcome of our way of thinking. What we put IN is what we put OUT. It’s pretty simple.

Join me today in the fight to make a difference! Let’s lock arms and truly begin to live satisfying/fulfilling lives. Let’s dedicate our lives to not only helping others, but simultaneously living out our dream life. We can start with the fundamentals, time and our minds.

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The BIG Challenge is HERE!

Are you up for a challenge? I hope so because, The BIG Challenge is HERE! I have been committed to my very own 90 Day Challenge and it has been nothing less than AMAZING! Completely transformational. My everyday life LITERALLY looks completely different than it did when I first started. Accept this challenge for not only attaining your results, but for the person you WILL become through the process. LET’S GO!!!

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When Is The Perfect Time To Start Anything?

When Is The Perfect Time To Start Anything? I hear this question ALL the time! have you heard the phrases, “it’s a buyers market” or “it’s a sellers market”? The BEST time is NOW! There is NEVER a “cookie-cutter” period of time where it is the “perfect” time for EVERYONE to do ANYTHING! There is no “one-size-fit-all” solution. We must individually make a real “well-thought out” decision to start something, and only THEN will it change our lives.

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