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What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

Have you ever pondered the question, what happens to a dream deferred?

I think it’s a fantastic way to reflect on life and enter into the realms of both psychology and philosophy. Sometimes we just let dreams go by the wayside and forget all about them because life smacked us upside the head with reality. But is that a good enough reason to completely disregard a dream or a reason to defer it?

Recently, I was accepted into Drexel University’s MBA program and I was suppose to start this Fall (2016). Unfortunately, I was faced with a decision to either decline or defer my admission due to some unforeseen circumstances. It is a DREAM of mine to attend Drexel University, so it was only a matter of time that I would make it a reality; the choice was simple, I deferred my admission ONE year and I will begin my MBA program next Fall (2017).

But the question remains, what happens to a dream deferred? I am not 100% sure, but I will definitely KNOW for sure within ONE year. It is easy for me to say NOW that in ONE year exactly I will live out my dream, but what if another “unforeseen circumstance” happens again? Well, for starters, I would have to start ALL over again and go through the admissions process from scratch. I would then have to HOPE the university would accept me again.

The big issue here is that the University has a limited amount of people they can accept into each program. Why would they want to use a slot on someone who has declined their offer the first time? I cannot answer that, but I am sure the chances of that happening have decreased significantly.

That being said, I have plenty of time to get things in order to make certain my dream comes true! I have a plan in place and I am currently executing the plan. I am not so sure what happens to a dream deferred, but I AM sure I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make it a reality.

I guess the answer lies within the dreamer…

That’s right, it depends on the person whose dream it is. Are you a go-getter? Are you ambitious? How bad do you want it? Was it deferred for a valid reason? Or was it an excuse? Do you have the will power to defer something and come back for it? Is this simply procrastination? Will you allow a dream to slip through your fingers? How close were you to achieving it? What are you willing to sacrifice?

If you can answer those questions, I guess you can then answer ‘what happens to a dream deferred?”. As for me, I will post a blog this time next year with an answer to such a great question. I will say this, I did defer a dream once and came back to accomplish it…ask me about it when you see me!

I will conclude this post with the poem that popped to mind when I had to defer my admission into Drexel University.

What happens to a dream deferred?
      Does it dry up
      like a raisin in the sun?
      Or fester like a sore—
      And then run?
      Does it stink like rotten meat?
      Or crust and sugar over—
      like a syrupy sweet?
      Maybe it just sags
      like a heavy load.
      Or does it explode?


When I hear about someone’s “view” I immediately think of someone standing on a balcony of their hotel room, arms stretched (metaphorically hugging the sky) overlooking a beach town. I think about all of the things they could see and absorb into their memory. I think about the fresh air they are breathing in and the ocean aroma blazing their sense of smell. I think of the sounds of nearby traffic, restaurant music and ocean waves clashing onto shore. I guess you can say, this view was a symbolic feeling of freedom.

An interesting aspect is that their view is slightly different from every other person standing on their balcony in this hotel. They are residing in the same location, but depending on the room they are staying in, the views vary tremendously.

Some folks have a view of the courtyard, some have a view of another hotel, and some have a view of the parking lot. There are also differences in views which are determined by which floor you are staying in. Obviously, the higher the floor, the opportunity of having a much broader view increases dramatically; I mean, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong has 118 floors! That stated, there are CLEAR differences in everyone’s views.

This is the EXACT reason WHY and HOW the Rotated Views Podcast came into creation. I always wanted to have my own podcast, but between timing and content, I was uncertain about the whole thing.

My buddy Gabe and I are both very much into the personal development/self-help arena. When we would have discussions, they normally resulted into philosophical and challenging conversations. We would joke about having these conversations recorded and shared with everyone. On the other hand, I would have similar conversations with my brothers and cousins; mostly over a cigar. To top this all off, I was on a weekly mastermind call with my friend Scott which ALSO led to profound conversations about life, entrepreneurship and success.

This went on for YEARS and finally last year my buddy Scott was taking on the project of beginning a podcast for himself, so I was able to see all the things that went into the process. I was busy with my spoken word album and book, The Motivation Files at the time, but knew one day I was going to create my very own podcast.

Well, 2016 was here and it was time to get this podcast rolling. After lengthy discussions with my buddy Gabe, my buddy Scott, my brothers and my cousin Manny, I decided to MAKE IT HAPPEN! I wanted to put together a podcast that had various perspectives on all aspects of life; hence the name Rotated Views. This would give a point of view from all levels of the “hotel” and ALL types of people could relate.

That is the shortened version of the development process of The Rotated Views Podcast. I will reveal the WHOLE story in a future podcast, so stay tuned for that! I just wanted to give you a little background of why I am so excited to FINALLY release this new project to the world. We have been working VERY HARD behind the scenes and faced some challenges. The important thing is that we OVERCAME adversity and manifested this dream.

We kicked the podcast launch off with Episode 1: Can’t We All Just Get Along? Here we touch upon the importance of understanding each other, bullying and how delicate relationships really are. We then published Episode 2: Are You Aware?!?! This episode touches the deeper meaning of life and really pulls out an interesting discussion of self-awareness. We followed the first two episodes up with Episode 3: You Have To Earn It. This third installment completes our launch of the podcast and dives RIGHT into karma, the law of attraction and earning your way through life.

All three episodes are currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn Radio applications. Download and subscribe to the podcast. We would also appreciate it if you would take the time to rate it and leave us some feedback. Lastly, let us know what you think of each episode, send comments, questions, or concerns to

Again, thank you for all the LOVE & SUPPORT! We look forward to recording future podcasts and are excited to live out our dreams right before your eyes! What an amazing feeling to be doing something you LOVE!

Check out our Official Pre-Launch Video we produced for facebook, HERE

To Your Massive Success,

Jimmylee & The Crew!

PS. Yes, we launched our “Views” the same week Drake Dropped his “Views From The 6album; this was not intentional, but kind of ironic.


KEEP Doing This & Life Will Surprise You

Are you into getting surprised? I am not much of a fan, but I will say, sometimes surprises have delighted me. Over the past 9 years, I have noticed something very interesting in attaining my goals. Something that I thought would be beneficial for you, if I shared.

When I was introduced to the Personal Development Industry back in 2006, I was hammered with all kinds of methods on goal setting and living the life of your dreams. They showed me how to put a dream board together and even go out “Dream building”. I was absolutely captivated by this new material.

It was exciting to know I could craft my life. But was fascinated me MOST, was that I could have BIG DREAMS and not feel weird about it. My parents always encouraged us to go after whatever it was we wanted in life. They created an atmosphere of being optimistic about the future. So when I was introduced to the personal development arena, DREAMING was the first thing that got my attention.

Fast-forward 9 years later and I have accomplished SO MANY of my goals/dreams it actually blows my mind! The funny thing about MOST of them is that they didn’t pan out EXACTLY how I had imagined! In fact, the majority of my dreams manifested even BETTER than I ever even thought they would!

A huge proponent to this is the persistent and consistent methods of dreaming I was doing. Some dreams took longer to unfold than others, but I still stuck with it and that is the message I wanted to share with you!

IF you simply just KEEP doing this, life will surprise you! KEEP DREAMING! No matter how things panned out for you in the past, you have to stick with your goals. I noticed that if I kept dreaming about accomplishing my goals, they eventually manifested in my life. Obviously, there was A LOT of action that took place, on my end, but I was persistent and consistent in the pursuit.

Throughout time, my dreams developed and changed into bigger and better ones. If they didn’t manifest in the time frame I thought they would, i just adjusted the goal and kept on dreaming! I believed in my dreams and STILL believe in my dreams, which is why I have accomplished so many of them.

It’s important we have BIG DREAMS that we actually believe in. This belief is the component that trigger’s manifestation.

If you simply stick with your DREAMS, life WILL surprise you…and I am sure you will be just as delighted as I was! Just stay with it and DREAM BIG!

I hope you found this helpful!

To YOUR Massive Success,


Ps. The Motivation Files (Album) will be released this FALL 2015. This project WILL help you to become the BEST version of yourself! Stay tuned!

New Week. New Goals. New Challenges [SUCCESS TIP]

It’s Monday!

Which means, a new week, new goals, new challenges and new successes.

I would have to say a person is naïve to think every single day will go as perfectly planned. Especially if you are out there trying new things. The good thing about Monday is that it is a FRESH START!

Forget about last weeks failures, you should view them as lessons anyway! Smell the excitement and zest in the air! That odor when you open up a brand new pair of sneakers (tennis shoes)…ahhh the scent of a new journey!

You WILL face new challenges this week, but that only means you are GROWING as a person! All these “challenges” you encounter will simply be added on to your resume as experience.

Never get offended by new challenges; embrace them!

This week set up a small NEW goal to complete by the end of the week! Even if you already have weekly goals, set something new up to accomplish! Something small…something attainable. Maybe it’s something you have been putting off for a while, make that a priority this week!

I say that because, I talk to people ALL the time who literally have the same goals week-in & week-out. Although some of them are absolutely crucial for their success, these people are finding themselves absolutely BORED with life…things are just monotonous.

This will lead to a discouraging path…

Some folks will even QUIT because of the lack of excitement they have created for themselves. Remember, this whole thing we call life is ALL under your control…

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein

Get that NEW goal out there on paper! Go after it with excitement and create NEW SUCCESSES this week!

Make this your BIGGEST week EVER!!!

New Week. New Goals. New Challenges. New Successes.

Thanks for all the comments, likes & shares! I really appreciate how fast the word is spreading about the Wisdom Miners Movement!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Expect A Miracle [Simple Strategy You Can Apply Today]

With all your goal setting you are doing preparing for the new year, why not EXPECT A MIRACLE?

Let me explain.

So what is a miracle? Well according to Wikipedia,

“A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.”

I do not mean simply waiting around all day meditating for something to happen. This will cause you absolute frustration!

What I am implying here is to continue to work towards your goals, as taking action on them will bring you closer, but alter your expectations.

If you have a goal of generating $250,000/year, then I would take ALL the action necessary to attain that. But now I want you to bundle up your mindset with expecting a miracle. So let’s say the miracle would be your business supernaturally generates $1,000,000/year!


Because expecting a miracle stretches the imagination. It gets you to think and dream bigger! Also, the benefit of it being a miracle, you are not worried about the “how”.

In my experience with working with people, I have noticed that when it comes to setting goals, people have a hard time DREAMING BIG. I concluded it’s because they think of their past results. They have many mental blocks that stop them from seeing how they could accomplish bigger goals. These mental barriers then turn into disbelief and the whole goal setting thing goes down the drain.

Setting goals and dream building is an “inside job”. You have to belief in yourself enough to envision yourself accomplishing the impossible. The thing with goals setting is that it presents the person with a “challenge” that they have to overcome. Depending on the person, some folks fold and others take it head on.

Expect A Miracle!

I say to people, hold the belief of you achieving your goals. Develop an action plan on how you are going to attain those goals. Take consistent/persistent action on that plan. Constantly think about you achieving that goal…day in & day out…See yourself accomplishing what you have set out to do. Lastly, expect a miracle!

When I say expect a miracle, I don’t mean get lazy and stop taking action because you think someone or something is going to save you. I mean this in a fun way. When you expect a miracle your paradigm shifts on what is possible. Like I said before, you forget about the “how” (which is A LOT of people’s hang up on accomplishing their dreams). At the end of the day, “expecting a miracle” is a STRATEGY.

Expecting a miracle makes the day seem a lot lighter and fun! Your worry seems to lesson and your joy seems to increase. You tend to forget “how” you will get to your goal, you just “know” it will happen.

ATTENTION: These are ALL qualities a person NEEDS to attain ANY Goal! Now you see the benefit of expecting a miracle? Now you see why I call it a strategy?

So my friend, expect a miracle! Just try it for a week and see what happens to your thought-process. And if it doesn’t shift your thinking, go back to your previous strategies.

Please comment & share on Facebook the good word if you feel compelled to!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Instagram: @WisdomMiners

WARNING: This is intended for people to have fun with life and what possibilities it holds, not to set up false promises. This is a VERY Powerful strategy I use in my personal development journey. It is NOT intended to make any fraudulent notions in any shape or form.

How to Avoid Failure FOREVER! [MUST READ]

What if I could show you HOW TO AVOID FAILURE FOREVER! Would you be pumped up to know the insiders secret?

I think everyone wants to get their hands on this EASY concept to virtually delete FAILURE forever!

I want to tell you a little story that I believe will pre-frame you for the big reveal.

Over the past 2 years I have been studying the marketing industry, specifically Internet Marketing.


Well, I believe…actually now I know for a fact…that internet marketing is the FUTURE. I mean think about all the things you do that access the internet. It’s crazy! Just the social media sites alone have taken over the ‘everyday person’s” free-time.

People love Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It gives them a voice for the world to hear. The internet is still untapped! It has the power to connect people from all over the WORLD! More importantly for business, it NEVER closes! So while I’m sleeping, my business is working for me!

Anyway, over the last 2 years I quickly understood that having a business online was a no-brainer. I would be an absolute idiot to NOT take advantage of such a POWERFUL medium.

With a click of a button, I have thousands of people looking at my websites INSTANTANEOUSLY! Beats the days of sending our fliers through snail mail!

Lastly, I get to work with people on an international scale; not just the locals. Talk about truly changing lives! CLICK HERE to see the international business YOU can use to change your financial future like I did!

I said all that to make this point. In being a newbie to it all, I have MESSED UP or “muffed up” so many times in marketing it would make you sick haha! Seriously! I was so NEW to it all, I made mistake after mistake and literally had a string of failures so long I thought the devil himself was out to get me. There were countless nights where I passed out on my laptop with a pen in my hands because I was relentless studying the industry for hours at a time. I went MONTHS without making a dime!

So how did I avoid failure???

Do you want to know my BIGGEST secret yet? The secret that will show you how to AVOID FAILURE FOREVER?

I never FAILED!

That’s it! You see, failure is simply a mindset! For me, I simply saw all my mistakes and “failures” as LESSONS! I was able to avoid being frustrated because I accepted the fact that not everything I do will work! I knew some things were going to tank…and they did…badly! But since I knew in the back of my mind, I was new to all this…I couldn’t be mad at myself for screwing up!

I simply tried something new…something different. I took my LESSONS with me and used them to my advantage. I didn’t get offended or felt bad form myself. I just kept trying until something worked…and then I found the RIGHT COMBINATION!

The secret was to never look at mistakes or something that didn’t go as planned as a FAILURE. These were all reflected on and taken in as lessons.

So now you NEVER have to face FAILURE again…why? Because it is JUST a mindset! You can easily transform that “failure” into a lesson and allow for it to build you into a better person. I mean isn’t that the whole point of this all? to become the best versions of ourselves!

I want you to make a BOLD statement RIGHT NOW!

Repeat: From this day forward, all of my failures will be seen as lessons that will morph me into a better me!

Now you can live your life without the fear of failing!

Please share this post with someone who is living in fear and let them know, how to avoid failure forever!

Thanks for all the comments, likes & shares! I really appreciate how fast the word is spreading about the Wisdom Miners Movement!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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What Do You Do When This Happens? [INTERESTING]

Adversity just plopped in your life…what do you do when this happens?

I find it extremely interesting to watch how people react when things aren’t going their way…when life is most challenging.

To me it’s a test of our character.

Are you a person who folds under pressure? Do you simply give-up when things are NOT panning out as you had planned?

Sadly, I have seen too many people give up right before their breakthrough happens. This has to be the most disappointing thing that occurs to someone pursuing their dreams.

They are all AMPED up and DREAMING BIG. They tell EVERYONE they’re going to be a HUGE success. They invest a TON of time & money into the pursuit…

Then it happens!

One day they wake up to adversity…a naysayer…some hater’s opinion…sales take a dip…or just simply woke up in a bad mood…then they quit!

They blame everything/everyone for their lack of success…

So I ask you…what do you do when this happens?

I hope you stay the course and continue to push forward. I pray you have the strength to overcome the obstacles life tosses in your direction. Because one day…ONE DAY, that “switch” will happen. All the adversity will disappear and SUCCESS meets you at the door.

Finally your consistency & persistency PAYS OFF! You were resilient enough to just stick with it and life is rewarding your courage and patience.

Your hard work, grind and hustle paid off! You believed…you had FAITH…your HOPE carried you through…most importantly, you NEVER GAVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!!

And now my friend…


Well done!

Let me know… WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THIS HAPPENS in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Did they talk you out of it? [DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN]

I was wondering, did they talk you out of it?

One of my biggest passions in life is dream building with people. I love to hear what their dreams are. It’s absolutely fascinating to me.

I also know it’s important for folks to even have dreams. As kids, we all had BIG DREAMS (some more wildly than others). But as the years progressed, the majority of people forget that childlike belief they once had. Life hit them so hard, they feel bad for themselves and call it “reality” haha I love that one.

We ALL get knocked down, it’s up to US to get back up. We cannot depend on other people to achieve success for us…

So, are you allowing life events stop you from living your dream life? Or did they talk you out of it?

Who are they?

The negative people! These people are bottom feeders and operate at an extremely LOW level frequency. They talk people out of living their dream life because of their own shortcomings. They are constantly in disbelief at your goals and doubt you would ever achieve them (some friends they are).

You know…you would think, that since this world pounds us daily with negative junk, that when a positive person comes along with their high level vibes, it would carry the people around them up as well. BUT IT DOESN”T.

I came to the conclusion Read More…

Could You Be On the RIGHT Track & Still Get Ran Over?

Sooo…Could You Be On the RIGHT Track & Still Get Ran Over? YES!!!!

I know we hear this ALL the time, but seriously think about taking ACTION right now!

I believe we are ALL given signs along the way to help guide us to our ultimate calling in life.

Deep down inside you know exactly what that is. You may be afraid, scared or confused on getting started, but you still know that ONE thing you should be doing. The universe is contantly helping us out by showing us little hints here and there. Sometimes they are HUGE hints!

BUT, in order for any of this to work, we have to do OUR part. And what is our part? I believe it is paying attention to signs and taking action on our dreams. Doing our BEST & standing up for what we believe in. And most importantly, never giving up!

What if you WERE on the right track to SUCCESS, but you gave up a day early?

Wouldn’t that be a terrible thing if you were sitting on a gold mine and you had no idea because you didn’t take the time to take action (digging)?

Sometime ALL we have to do is simply take ONE little action step to our goal…

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

We cannot just sit there and miss our chance to become everything we were built to become.

We should be milking every opportunity we get because it could be THE ONE that turns everything around. As stated in one of last week’s blog’s, “The Switch” can happen at any moment…it will be up to you whether or not you capitalize on it!

So it’s possible…We Could You Be On the RIGHT Track & Still Get Ran Over! But the point is, to keep it moving and constantly take action towards your goals so we don’t get ran over!

Let me know what you think about BEING ON THE RIGHT TRACK AND GETTING RAN OVER in the comment section!

To YOUR Massive Success,
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Finish the FOURTH Quarter Strong!

As we approach December here in a few days, the thought that pops to my mind is FINISH the Quarter STRONG!

There is no better time to re-focus and get back in gear!

The great thing about the Fourth Quarter coming to an end is the start of another game (year) come January.

Think about how great it would be to enter the top of the year with MASSIVE MOMENTUM!

How cool would it be if you were already 30 Days into your new project, workout regiment, business, etc. You would be on top of the world and definitely be ahead of the competition.

By doing this, you will BLOW pass everyone in your industry, team, business, etc. In fact, you may even set a NEW standard!

Think about it, is there anything better than starting off something new on the right foot? I mean, you just have all this excitement and energy to overcome obstacles. You will also be less stressed out because the fact that you took action early will build confidence and in turn belief.

So I challenge Read More…

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