Why You Need A GUT to Succeed

With Summer here, it’s kind of funny for someone to say you NEED a gut (of ALL things) to succeed. Most of you are probably thinking I’m either crazy or full of it! I recently read an article that the “Dad Bod” is the new thing women are going nuts over. I’m not sure I’m buying that concept and to top it off, it has NOTHING to do with what I want to talk about. haha! (I just found it to be interesting)

In fact, when I am referring to the “gut”, I am not even talking about your physical body. I am talking about having the courage and fortitude to do something you want to do.

I found that the MORE uncomfortable situations I placed myself in, the MORE unique results I attained. I discovered that if I continued to be “comfortable” and do what I have always done, my results would return as something I have already seen. Which is the complete opposite of what I wanted to see! It just made simple sense…if I wanted to get NEW results, I had to do NEW things!

That being said, it’s almost NEVER easy doing NEW things! This is where I was getting super uncomfortable and purposely putting myself in vulnerable situations. This may sound raw to some folks, but it’s what I had to do (and continue to do) to get different results manifesting in my life.’

I must have been extremely naive to think things would just CHANGE on their own! haha! I mean, I literally thought that because I was “thinking” about my dreams all the time, that they would somehow MAGICALLY appear in my life! WRONG!

Man that reality REALLY stung sometimes! I quickly realized I have to take SOME form of action, in a different direction to yield a NEW/DIFFERENT result. This wasn’t so easy!

This is why I am saying that you NEED a GUT to Succeed! Along with some tough skin, you need some courage to go after your dreams. I say this all the time, but if being successful was easy, everyone would be a success!

I began to see that EVERY single time I was placed in a NEW situation, my results came back as something NEW I could learn from. Sometimes the success I was seeking was awarded to me immediately!

I promise you, this will feel extremely uncomfortable…in fact, it will ALWAYS be uncomfortable trying something new, but you WILL yield NEW results! And having GUTS to do it, will PUSH you forward FASTER than ever before!

I challenge you to try something NEW today and see how you feel. These new feelings will then turn into new results and take you into new experiences. With a little adjustment, you can continue to do this until you manifest the results you want!

I have been doing this for quite sometime now and it STILL stands true for me…You need a GUT to Succeed!

I hope this helps you in WHATEVER you are going through at the moment!

To YOUR Massive Success,



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