Would You Help? [KIND OF SAD]

I was sitting here and thinking about the feelings we get when we give someone a helping hand. It literally changes our vibration instantly. We feel lifted and valuable. We feel needed and wanted.

Not to mention the benefits of helping someone else! “What goes around, comes around.” Karma aka the Law of Attraction is in full-effect at ALL times. It gets exciting when you do your good deeds for the day, as you KNOW it will somehow get back o you.

I guess the REAL key here is your intentions. It’s definitely NOT the same (when helping someone) if your intentions are to receive something in return. As a mature adult, we should understand that our actions do NOT go unnoticed and God will definitely reward us.

We shouldn’t be so concerned about HOW and WHAT we are going to be compensated for our deeds. I mean hey, we don’t like the severity of the CONSEQUENCES when we do something bad…right?

I’m not 100% sure exactly how this all works…

Sometimes it really is, “an eye for an eye”, and other times the rewards completely out-weigh the deed! We get surprised when our compensation MUCH more than expected. But understanding this is all just a BONUS for the deed.

Seriously go back and think about the feelings that are generated from helping someone out (out of choice, of course). That alone is enough payment! It does the body good to have such high-frequency vibrations activated.

If you are feeling down and out today…I suggest you go out there and HELP someone! Give them a lending hand and REALLY do it from the bottom of your heart. I promise you will definitely feel MUCH better than before!

In fact, I challenge you right now…even if you do feel good…go out there and help someone! It’ll bee worth it!

Have fun doing it too!!!




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