Have You Ever Heard of this? [INTERESTING]

I was curious, have you ever heard of this?

I was listening to a personal development CD today and I heard an interesting analogy for enduring tough times.

We all go through some difficult things in our lives so I hope this analogy helps you as much as it helped me!

Tea leaves.

They are dried out. They get tossed into a trap (tea bag). Trapped shut & hung (string & tab). If that wasn’t bad enough, they get dunked in boiling hot water.

The result?

A healing beverage that gives off a soothing aroma packed with tons of healthy benefits. But before it became its very best stage (hot tea), it started off as a dried up helpless leaf.

The point is, we are all going to face boiling water, but it is the people we become after we endure this phase is what’s important.

The character traits we build during this time is the reward.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” – Robert H Schuller

If you are currently going through tough times, keep your head up and know that BETTER days are on their way! Keep your head up and keep pushing through. Roll with the punches and make the BEST out of the situation. You will become a better version of yourself.

Please comment, like & share! Let me know what you think about the TEA BAG concept.

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