Today is Christmas Eve and since everyone is in the Holiday spirit, I figured I would share a quick idea I think is absolutely amazing!

But before I get into that, I wanted to see what your opinion was on re-gifting.

Do YOU re-gift?

For me it’s a little tacky, but some folks find it to be a valuable concept.

Someone gives you a gift…you do not want it for yourself…you gift it to another person…

What do you think about re-gifting? Is it okay to do or is it not okay?

Either way, I have found that whether you agree or disagree with re-gifting, there is something we can ALL re-gift!

I know I said re-gifting is tacky, but this is an idea that makes it all better!

This gift is FREE, so EVERYONE can do it! The BEST part about it is the feeling of gratitude you will feel after re-gifting this present!

So what is it???

The GIFT of a helping hand!

We can ALL recall a time when someone came at JUST THE RIGHT time in our lives to pick us up!

Who is that person in your life? It could be a parent, a spouse, a coach, a co-worker, a friend, etc.

Someone at some point gave you the GIFT of a helping hand!

NOW it is time for you to “re-gift” that helping hand and pass it along to someone YOU believe is in need.

Think about that person who may need a phone call, a text message, a visit…something that YOU know that will warm their hearts.

There has to be SOMEONE you can lend a helping hand to…

This has to come from a generous heart…don’t do it if you are expecting something in return from them…

The BEST part about this “re-gift” (when done from a place of compassion), you will INSTANTLY be given a gift in return

GRATITUDE! Just wait for that feeling of gratitude when you have “re-gifted” a helping hand.

To me…this is one of the BEST “re-gift” ideas EVER! Go out there and give a HELPING HAND!

Please comment, like & share if you feel the DESIRE TO RE-GIFT A HELPING HAND!

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