What If You Find Yourself Here? [MUST READ]

Out of all the outcomes in life…what if you find yourself here?

Everyone is on their own journey in life. It is an individual battleground we must face daily!

There are obviously people who are here to help us along the way, but at the end of the day, our life is what WE make it. There are going to be (or have already been) decisions we must make in life that we need to seek guidance on.

But these important people cannot be there for EVERY decision we make…we must be able to gather ourselves and come up with solutions/answers on our own.

For example, we have the choice to exercise daily. Even if we have trainers, it is up to US to decide to exercise that day. What if you wake up and you are “not in the mood”? What if you simply want to quit?

Now, what happens if you find yourself here???

This is where the battle of the mind comes into play. You toss back and forth the ideas/reasons for your decision. They can be excuses, lies, facts, etc. The point is, you are battling your thoughts…BY YOURSELF!

This is where your mental toughness must kick in, and do what is right…even if you’re not “in the mood”. Why? Because if you let yourself slide for the little things, you will let yourself slide for the bigger things…It’s a “standards” thing.

Live with the pain of regret and giving up on your dreams will haunt you forever!

SO I ask again…What if you find yourself here?

Do it! Go for it even if the “mood” isn’t right…your future self will thank you!

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