Have You Ever Seen This? [DON’T DO THIS]

Have you ever seen someone succeed that (in your mind) didn’t appear to be anything special?

I mean like, REALLY succeed and appeared to be REALLY normal?

Am I the only one, or did it just BLOW YOUR MIND?

I remember a particular music artist came out one year with what seemed to be a “one-hit” wonder…which was terrible in my mind.

All of a sudden this “artist” was in EVERY song on the radio. It absolutely tripped me out. I really tried to listen to this “gifted” person and JUST DID NOT GET IT!

It quite literally AMAZED ME! This “artists” lyrics were sub-par and almost childlike. Half the things in their song had nothing of value…

This puzzled me tremendously as I tried to figure out the secret to this person’s success. I wasn’t being a hater, I genuinely tried liking this person’s music…something wasn’t resonating…


This person was in their HARVEST TIME. They had a lot of material out there and the market was receptive. They were a local star that FINALLY got their shot.

But I was just looking at the surface. I wasn’t there throughout all the years this artist was struggling. All I seen was the success they were having.

Whether I thought they were good or not, REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. This person put out all the hard work years before my “judgments” entered into this process.

Although I am still not a fan of this artist “musically”, I am a HUGE fan of their hard work and dedication.

I mentioned this story because I USED TO find myself baffled over someone’s success. When a person becomes successful and are in their harvest time, I questioned myself (almost like an interrogation).

Questions like:

“How did this person even become rich?”
“Will I ever blow up like this?”
“Why am I not this successful? I have way more talent/gifts than they do.”

What I have grown to learn over the years is to be happy for someone’s success. Regardless of how they got there, they are in their harvest time. Not to judge because we REALLY don’t have all the facts or know exactly what that person went through to get to where they are. Clearly it is a time to celebrate them and take the focus off our selfish emotions.

When you can genuinely celebrate someone else’s success, success will in turn find you.

Be happy for other people. As when it is YOUR time, other people will celebrate & be happy for YOU!

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