Is it Possible to Sell Without Being A Salesman? [MILLION DOLLAR IDEA]

So the big question remains…is it possible to sell without being a salesman?

Before I answer that question, I want you to get this out to anyone you know who is in a business/marketing/entrepreneur/sales.

The reason I say that is because, I believe the lesson I learned about sales WILL BENEFIT everyone!

I remember being in fifth grade we had a fundraiser for a trip to a theme park. We had to sell candy to raise money for the school trip. Each box contained about 50 candy bars. They told us, whatever money we didn’t raise, we would have to come up with ourselves if we wanted to go to the theme park. BUT if we sold more than the ticket cost, the extra money would be spending money for the trip. At that moment, I made a clear definitive decision in my mind…I’m going to sell more than my ticket so I can have some extra cash!

Two challenges I faced: Most kids would just give their candy to their parents, who would simply sell the candy at work. My mom & dad’s job wouldn’t allow fundraising activities take place on site (so I knew I had to sell the candy myself) Second, I was about 10 years old at the time and I knew my parents wanted me in the house before dark, so I had about 2 hours to sell candy each day.

I remember thinking, “there is NO WAY I’m NOT going on this trip…and I am definitely going to need some spending money”. I was going on a trip that my parents weren’t going to, (so I couldn’t lean on them if I wanted something at the theme park) I needed my own money to buy things.

Plus, I knew how to make money…I have been around sales my whole life and made my first real money at the age of 8 selling junk at a flea market. With this experience and determination, I was set!

For 4 days in a row I cleared 4 boxes of candy! Which means I sold over 50 pieces of candy each evening after school (by myself…my parents were still at work). All I could think about was making the costs to cover the trip and have some spending money. I may have burnt out because it took me another week to sell my fifth box haha! So I sold 5 total boxes (over 250 pieces of candy).

The whole time I was knocking door-to-door, all I could think about was the trip! I wasn’t going to be left behind! I’m not stopping til every piece is sold! I have to go on this trip and I NEED spending money or I’m screwed! (I hated asking my parents for money)

I remember not thinking about anything else but this trip!

When it came down to counting sales, I made over $275 in two weeks! Not too shabby for a 10 year old lol. When I looked around, 50% of the kids were coughing up money to fund the trip, 45% of the kids had their parents sell their candy, and the other 5% sold their own to cover costs. It was me and some kid named Brian who sold the most boxes (5) and did it by ourselves!

So I had actually made enough to buy 2 tickets, one for me & I donated a ticket (to a less fortunate kid in my class), and I had about $85 spending money for the trip to the theme park! Mission Accomplished and MORE!

So, is it possible to sell without being a salesman?

The Lessons learned:
1. I had a goal
2. I had a burning desire to attain that goal (it was something I really wanted)
3. There was an award at the end of the goal
4. I understood my barriers and worked with what I had
5. I wasn’t selling candy. I was selling the goal

For those two weeks, I wasn’t a salesman; I was a kid on a mission. I simply told people why I was raising the money and why I wanted to go so badly! I said nothing about the candy aside from the cost! I wanted the goal so bad, people were sold on my enthusiasm and excitement.

All sales is…is the transfer of emotions. If you are truly excited about something, people will feel that enthusiasm and realness. All the technical bullcrap for sales goes out the window when you are genuinely pumped up about something.

Don’t stress out about how perfect your delivery/approach has to be…just be excited and transfer those emotions to other people. Stop looking at them as “prospects” or “leads”. They are people. Help them out, show them you care, display your excitement and you won’t have to worry about being a “salesman”.

I hope this helps someone out there…I was just compelled to write this, so I went with my gut…God Bless!

As usual, let me know…is it possible to sell without being a salesman?

Please comment & share the good word if you feel compelled to!

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4 responses to “Is it Possible to Sell Without Being A Salesman? [MILLION DOLLAR IDEA]”

  1. ricodilello says :

    A good salesman doesn’t sell a product but themselves. You are selling a connection to the buyer. Well done, sales is more about building and maintain a relationship with your customers.

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  2. Scott DeVore says :

    great post bro… love the insight

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