Did they talk you out of it? [DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN]

I was wondering, did they talk you out of it?

One of my biggest passions in life is dream building with people. I love to hear what their dreams are. It’s absolutely fascinating to me.

I also know it’s important for folks to even have dreams. As kids, we all had BIG DREAMS (some more wildly than others). But as the years progressed, the majority of people forget that childlike belief they once had. Life hit them so hard, they feel bad for themselves and call it “reality” haha I love that one.

We ALL get knocked down, it’s up to US to get back up. We cannot depend on other people to achieve success for us…

So, are you allowing life events stop you from living your dream life? Or did they talk you out of it?

Who are they?

The negative people! These people are bottom feeders and operate at an extremely LOW level frequency. They talk people out of living their dream life because of their own shortcomings. They are constantly in disbelief at your goals and doubt you would ever achieve them (some friends they are).

You know…you would think, that since this world pounds us daily with negative junk, that when a positive person comes along with their high level vibes, it would carry the people around them up as well. BUT IT DOESN”T.

I came to the conclusion

(I am finally okay with) that there will ALWAYS be doubter’s & negative people. I once thought I could convert everyone into thinking positive (haha silly me). There are people who will forever look at the negative things life has and ignore the positive. Their poorly ran brain’s/heart’s will always live in the darkside.

That being said, don’t let them talk you out of your dreams! Why? Because these losers (I really mean that) will never be happy for you. They don’t understand the way the universe and law of attraction work, so don’t let them get to you.

No matter what you do, these little minds will pick apart your dream and find something wrong lol. It’s NOW almost funny to me. Before, I would try to explain myself and show them the possibilities. That was a waste of time (theses people have the vision as far as a yardstick)

Just like they find the negative in everything, WE believer’s find the POSITIVE in everything. Whether you look on the brightside or not life happens and we all face tribulations (I’m not being naive here).

BUT life is much more fun and wonderful for the optimistic! So don’t let them talk you out of your dreams, they lost theirs and want you to do the same. But you have to stand up for your dreams! You have to get a backbone and refuse to listen to the garbage.

This is for the people out there thinking they are dreaming alone in this world…

You are not alone, we dreamer’s are still out here kickin’ and believing!

DREAM BIG...and Don’t let them talk you out of it…

“The doubters said, “Man can not fly,”
The doers said, “Maybe, but we’ll try,”
And finally soared in the morning glow while non-believers watched from below.” ― Bruce Lee

Let me know what you think about DID THEY TALK YOU OUT OF IT? in the comment section!

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