Could the Switch Happen Today? (Inspiring Story)

I was getting ready to go to visit my brother’s house yesterday when I overheard an interesting story being reported on TV.

It was a story of a maid who has never had a day off in 20 years! She has literally worked every day for 20 years…think about that.

That’s crazy.

She is a single mother raising THREE children and has multiple cleaning gigs to make ends meet.

This hardworking woman put herself in the hospital multiple times because of exhaustion. She overworked herself on several occasions to the point her body couldn’t handle the demand.

The amazing point about her story was that she was incredibly positive about life and the people around her. Customers were extremely happy with her work and she contantly surpassed her bosses expectations.

Her boss knew for years that this one particular maid was struggling to make ends meet and was truly giving life her best shot. Even through the exhaustion she somehow managed to get her job done…WITH EXCELLENCE!

She never complained and you could see the love and admiration her children had for her.

So finally one day, her boss linked up with an organization that donates time & money to hardworking people in need. So this maid went to a residential home to clean as usual. But this day was different!

This organization surprised her with a day (she thought she was going into work to clean) full of luxury. She got a massage, new clothes and a chef to cook for her the whole day. She still couldn’t believe she was “working”…

Finally the leader of the organization stepped out and informed her what was going on and who was behind it…the grand finale? The organization donated the house she thought she was going to clean to her!!! Completely renovated and paid for in cash!!!

This story had me a bit choked up. It was not only inspiring, but gave a glimmer of hope to dreams coming true.

So could the “Switch” happen to you today?

You never know the day it ALL turns around. The day your dreams actually come into fruition. Things can literally happen in an instant! You whole life as you know it can “switch” (like a lightswitch) at any moment.

I believe if we simply keep believing…keep taking action towards our goals…eventually they WILL come true! And who know’s the “switch” can happen today!

So keep positive and work hard…as these attributes pay off!

Let me know what you think about THE SWITCH in the comment section!

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