Shutterfly Aquires Groovebook for $14.5 Million [MUST READ]

I remember watching the episode of Shark Tank at the top of this year. There was a couple that brought a unique Idea to the table.

That couple had a printing business and they came up with an idea for providing a unique service. Having an app that folks can upload their photo’s (from their phone) and groovebook will print and mail out these photo’s for a low cost of $2.99/month. Which is great considering they print out 100 photo’s and mail this nice little binder of memories to your door.

This couple had a dream and never gave up! They didn’t settle! They kept pushing through and proved the critics WRONG! Today, they became MILLIONAIRES!!!

I know we all are guilty of giving up on something. But, have you ever given up on something you thought you NEVER would?

It’s a tough pill to swallow. Especially when you told all your friends and family that you would “never quit”!

Hey, we live and learn…

In my experience, there WILL be some things you have to give up on…but those things should NEVER be your dreams.

On your way to achieving success, you may have to give up one method of arrival to take on another. This is simply a part of the process, but the important thing is, you didn’t quit. In fact, it may be more suitable way for you to take.

There will be a crap load of challenges along the way. You will definitely run into some walls. There will be that day where you were pushed far enough to contemplate quitting.

My suggestion is that you hang on tight. I know you may be seeing othre people succeed or watch celebrities on TV living a “perfect” life of luxury & fame. But the reality is…they too go through the daily struggles.

The difference maker in your life will be your reaction to adversity…

I hope you never, never, NEVER give up!

Keep truckin’ along…Your future self will thank you!

Let me know what you think about NEVER GIVING UP in the comment section!

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