Today is a day you will NEVER get back again! Kind of weird thinking about it…

The truth is, the only day we really have to change is today…by living in the moment.

Are you making the MOSTout of the 365 “today’s”?

The scary thought of not knowing when your last day will be should motivate the crap out you!

If we are putting off today, what actually can be done, we are only limiting our own progression.

I never understood people who want the week to rush through, just so the weekend was here…first of all, if it has anything to do with your JOB, then CLICK HERE

But most folks are rushing through the 5 days, just to “live” for 2 days…kind of pathetic when you think about it.

We have to squeeze the LIFE out of everyday.

When you are living a meaningful life, it doesn’t matter what day it is, you are going to make a POSITIVE IMPACT to the world around you TODAY!

Waiting for the weekend to “live it up” is probably a maturity thing, but I sadly know grown adults who admittedly do this.

To me…this just indicates the person isn’t living a PURPOSEFUL LIFE.

I’m not saying not to look forward to certain events, trips, days off or holidays…I’m referring to the constant “weekend warriors” who RUSH through their week just to “party”…

Make everyday a PARTY and most importantly, make TODAY COUNT!

Let me know what you think about MAKING TODAY COUNT in the comment section!

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