Be Careful What You Say Or… [THIS MIGHT HAPPEN]

As a coach/mentor, one of my favorite things to do is speak encouragement into peoples lives. Keeping things positive and depositing messages of HOPE into them.

It not only gives me energy to keep moving forward, but I love seeing the sparkle of optimism in their eyes.

Wishing people a healthy life of happiness, fuels fire into their confidence. I’m not talking about flattering folks here…that is NO GOOD; plus people can sense the fakeness of flatter. I am talking about a genuine conversation of belief, faith, and expectation into them.

I tell my clients, I expect you to win! Especially if they are under my wing; I am giving them the highest quality information to set them up for the ultimate success in their lives.

Be careful what you say because it will eventually manifest. Be positive under pressure/stress.

We are what we think/say. Also, remember the “little ones” are listening and watching everything we say/do. They will immitate/mimic what they are experiencing.

And DO NOT believe the “tough hype” of some immature person who states, “I just say what’s on my mind”. That has to be one of the most unsophisticated things ever said. Leave the blunt remarks and unplanned verbal ignorances to children who do not know any better. The WISE MAN thinks before he speaks! We have 2 ears, and ONE mouth for a reason.

So to limit the negative things entering your life, as well as your children duplicating any poor habits, maintain a consistent attitude. I know life can knock us down from time to time, but I am really talking about life as a whole, we should really lean towards being more positive/optimistic.

I will leave you with this Quote by Joel Osteen:

“Be careful what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, but ten years later, the wounds are still there.”

So you see…we really must be careful what we say…

Let me know what you think about BEING CAREFUL OF WHAT WE SAY in the comment section!

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