Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle

“Great things MAY come to those who wait, but only the things LEFT by those who HUSTLE” Abe Lincoln

Doesn’t this quote sound like something that was stated in our era? That just means these wise words are TIMELESS!

I definitely believe in patience, but there is a fine line when it comes to waiting around vs. taking action. I know folks who will literally meditate all day waiting for the “universe” to bring them all their desires. This is a terrible belief system and falsehood that will lead to complete deterioration of ones life; its borderline lazy. I only say “borderline” because at least they are thinking about want they want.

I do not believe we can go full force 100% of the time, which is why I believe we must wait in patience for some things. Rest…Build your energy back up…and if it hasn’t come to fruition, go back after it! It is also important to reflect on your results and make adjustments where necessary.

God has a funny way of delivering our BLESSINGS and sometimes they come in ways we never expected. I believe things happen for a reason and those who “hustle” are the ones who “things happen” to faster! I mean this can go for days as to who “deserves” it more, but let’s take a closer look at it.

Lets say you had a scholarship set up for 2 young entrepreneurs, and you evaluated them both equally against the same criteria. The problem was, the funds were distributed at different quarters. They both deserve the scholarship to start their (same) business, but you can only cut one check to one entrepreneur every 6 months. Would you give the scholarship to the entrepreneur who is sitting around waiting for his check to get his business started, or the entrepreneur that is doing everything he/she can to kick the business off and as soon as the check comes, it will be like a “bonus”?

You see, they are both going to get a check, more than likely the hustling entrepreneur is probably going to get his/her check first based off their action. Hence the quote: “great things MAY come to those who wait, but only the things LEFT by those who HUSTLE”.

Go out there and get your HUSTLE on my friend, you will be greatly rewarded!

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