Time and Mind Are Your Two Sources

What are you doing with your time and your mind? These two assets are what we are ALL given at birth. It’s every individual’s utilization of each that makes all the DIFFERENCE.

Time is so precious. We never know how much of it we will have, so it is imperative we maximize its use. There are tons of folks not chasing after their dreams and yet complaining about not having enough time for the pursuit. I look at it like this, we are going to be here anyway, why not go after it is what we REALLY want. Complaining about not having time is ridiculous considering we ALL have 24 hours in a day.

Could a lack of time be the recourse of poor planning? Are we scheduling ourselves to the MAX for unimportant things? I think the key about time is simply appreciating it. If we can become super effective in its utilization, we will find the opposite is true; there is plenty of time to execute the important things. If we BUSY ourselves with meaningless tasks, then YES there will NEVER be enough time.

Our minds work the same way in that, they are most effective if properly used. Do we actually know what the mind is capable of doing? What percentage of our minds have we even tapped into? It’s up to YOU to…well quite literally, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Of course there are certain circumstances that are out of the equation, but for a healthy human being, we are responsible for what our minds are producing. What are we feeding our minds? Television, radio, books, and our circle of influence are all TOP items that have a tremendous effect on the outcome of our way of thinking. What we put IN is what we put OUT. It’s pretty simple.

Join me today in the fight to make a difference! Let’s lock arms and truly begin to live satisfying/fulfilling lives. Let’s dedicate our lives to not only helping others, but simultaneously living out our dream life. We can start with the fundamentals, time and our minds. http://hisbigidea.com

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