What Drives You, Emotions or Values ???

What kind of gas do you use in your vehicle? When you go to the gas station, you know exactly what kind of gas your vehicle takes (hopefully). There are a few kinds of gasoline that serve different kinds of engines. Your vehicle needs the right gas type to function properly and to its full capacity. Sometimes, putting in the wrong gasoline can ruin the engine completely. There are a ton of other factors that go into making a vehicle run, but for time sake, let’s stick with the gas example.

 Our lives are run relatively similar to a vehicle. We need to constantly put some form of energy into our bodies. Food aside, what drives YOU? Yes, your car takes gasoline, but what moves you…emotions or value?

 I had a friend that had HIGH levels of energy, which was a good thing in many ways. He was a hard worker and could get a lot done in a small period of time. The issue was that he would burn himself out relatively fast. So for two weeks, this guy would deliver unbelievable results in his business. BUT, (like clockwork) after two weeks he would mope around, fed up, exhausted and complaining about EVERYTHING! What’s the problem? Well, if a project lasted more than two weeks, he would basically sabotage all his efforts into self-pity and depression. The worst part was that it affected EVERYONE on his team, including his family.

 This guy was an emotional roller coaster. One day he was UP and the very next day he was DOWN. It was exhausting to even watch. He would catch a wave (bandwagon) and ride it like it was the most incredible thing. But the moment the emotional high was wearing, the whole project would go south. I believe his motives were right, but he was driving his efforts from the wrong source. His efforts were coming from an emotional place. If the emotions were up that day, so were his actions and vice versa.

 It was immediately clear to me what was going on because I found myself do this same exact kind of mistake in my life. I was acting upon things on emotion instead of VALUE. I would get all PUMPED up about an idea without completely thinking it through and take HUGE action on it. And when I was tired with the idea, I would trash it! That’s because I never tapped into my value system.

 We have to stop and think things through. Run the ideas through our value system FIRST, before WASTING our emotions. I believe the emotions are a great asset if they are in alignment with our values. If my friend was executing his business from a “value” standpoint, I truly believe his business would not only be successful, but would constantly be GROWING. Since values are solid and strong, his life wouldn’t be an emotional roller coaster. When things go wrong or the project exceeds two weeks, he would have the maturity to reevaluate the situation and make adjustments before entering the emotional abyss off failure.

 So, I will ask you again, what drives YOU? Emotions or Values?

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