If we are here on earth temporarily, what’s the rush? Are we pausing at crucial moments to experience life’s offerings? Or are we flying through life with a sense of urgency, racing against the clock and craving for the weekend to show its face again.

My wife and I are really cherishing every stage of our son’s life. He’s our only child and has brought tremendous joy to our lives. It’s extremely fun and rewarding to see him develop through each phase. My son is about ready to begin the stage of crawling…or scooting, depending on what he wants his path to be. Whatever he chooses to do, we are here waiting with open arms and camera’s ready. He is our constant reminder to celebrate life; I mean a red “solo” cup can entertain him for quite some time. It’s amazing what small things he finds entertaining. I can’t stop smiling thinking about him.

I can go on for days talking about my son, so I will…just kidding. But in all seriousness, are you cherishing the special moments life tosses your way? “Special moments” are up to your definition and will obviously be unique to each individual. The important part here is the “cherishing”. We should really slow down a bit.

We shouldn’t see life just as an accumulation of things, but of experiences; lessons to grow from and improve on. Moments to grab, stare at, and sulk in. Pull the camera’s out and capture the experiences you wish to treasure forever.

Let’s stop the mad rush and begin to embrace EVERY moment with welcoming arms and an open mind. Slow down my friend…stop and experience the experience…

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