How Do You Know What’s Your REAL Potential?

How do we really know what we are made of? What really is potential? If you actually think about it, it’s a pretty vague word. That’s what makes it so special. It’s limitless!

Have you ever pushed yourself through something you never thought you could accomplish? Honestly, for me it was college. Nobody in my family graduated from college and I had this stigma in my mind that it wasn’t in my blood. “Wasn’t in my blood” I guess is a reference to my abilities.

So I questioned my potential. I challenged it. The results? I FOREVER changed my family tree by graduating from college. I know that may sound like “nothing” to some folks, but for me it was an amazing feeling.

It ALL has to do with ACTION! Nothing ever gets done without any action. Ever hear of stagnant water giving off a horrific stench? That’s what your spirit/soul/emotions/mental state give off when you take zero action on something you KNOW you should be pursuing.

So let me ask you…what aren’t you doing, that you know deep down, you should be doing? Release the fear, stretch yourself and see what you’re REALLY made of! What’s your real potential?

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