Living The Dream


I’m currently sitting at my brother’s barbershop and I’m admiring the fact that he is living his dream. I can remember him using us as “test dummies” for his new found passion. But he faced a ton of ridicule for wanting to be a “hair dresser”. I recall him shaking his head and stating that he was a “Barber”!

Flash forward 15 plus years and you can walk into Miguel’s Riverside Barbershop in Bristol, PA. He continued with his passion through the difficult times and faced even harder circumstances when opening the doors of his very own business. I’m very proud of my brother for sticking to his dream and following through with some of his “lofty” ideas. His Diligence has paid off!

Being a “dreamer” isn’t always received with welcoming arms, but if your diligent enough in the pursuit of those dreams, people will soon support your vision. If you instill enough belief in yourself, you’ll eventually make it happen. Like my brother, fight through the doubters and the negative self-talk. Keep pushing, keep going for your goals.

Call To Action:

Are you allowing people to talk you out of your dreams? Are you living just an average life and wish you were living out your dreams? Do at least ONE thing everyday that will move you closer to living the life of your dreams. This can be multiple different options.

  • Reach out to that person you’ve been meaning to contact
  • Read that book you’ve been meaning to read
  • Build a vision board
  • Review and set new goals for this year
  • STOP listening to negative people!
  • Switch the negative self-talk with new positive self-talk
  • Check out the YouTube Video that coincides with this post

There are tons of ways you can start your journey of “Living the Dream” and I hope the small humble list I provided is a starting point. These are just a few ideas that have worked in my life and I hope you can make use of them in some way as well.


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