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Excuses BE GONE! (video)

GET your Imagination out, I remove all excuses in this video! Hope this HELPS! If it does, please share with the important people in your life it may impact!
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Spousal Support (video)

If you have a spouse that is chasing their dreams, SUPPORT them as much as possible…it means the world to them…

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The Power of Focus (video)

The Inconvenience (video)

The Controversy (Video)

The Controversy!!!

The Mistress Fear (Guest Blog)

Author: Jeremy Parris

Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in our own self pity. To convince ourselves that certain goals are unattainable. We all go through slumps where our own worst enemy is ourselves. We forget what it is to live, and what joys gentle embrace feels like. We forget what it means to be a dreamer. Don’t fret though my friend, it happens to the best of us. The trick to this slum, this deviant deceiver, is to use it to your advantage. So breath in, and know all will be well. It’s all about the perspective.

Use your doubts and fears to recognize where your boundaries lie. So you can better understand the lay of the battlefield. Find those walls that held in your ambition and dreams. Map them out, identify their weak spots, after all you were their engineer. Learn them as you have learned your joy so you can topple the walls and be set free.

You see fear is not a disabler, it’s an enabler. It enables you to better yourself. Look that beast in the eye and understand your terrible mistress so you can better love yourself. Don’t plant yourself in doubt, for if you do then the day is done.

Let fear teach you, guide you, show you how to better accomplish your dreams. Stand strong and true. Granted, these things are easier said than done. But when you find yourself in that rut just remember the good. Remember what love is, remember the last time your stomach did back flips in excitement. Muster however you can to make that push.

Do not stop pushing once your walls have fallen either. Keep pushing, keep growing, keep learning about yourself. As when this growth happens is when things begin to change in your life. When fear becomes a lesser emotion, and before you know it you have it firmly tamed under your heel. Only leaving more room for joy, hopes, and dreams. You’ve given them a new space to flourish, in a cleaner and safer environment.

So put up and keep up the good fight, as you’re fighting for yourself. The most gratifying kind of engagement.

-Jeremy Parris

Check out my blog, “The Adventures of a 20 Something”. Where dreams and whims come to live via action and imagination. Adventures are had and made here, become apart of them.

Also Check out my Blog Burning Desire at Jeremy’s site!

Frustrated Motivation

Answering the “Frustrated” emails I receive. Hope This Helps!

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Follow Your Dreams, We can Help!



Why are you here? What is your calling? Are you putting off something that you should be doing? What is your dream? DO IT! Go out there and build an EMPIRE! Leave a Legacy that will change world history forever!

What is your dominate thought? What is controlling 99% of your mind? What mindset is navigating your life? If you are constantly listening to negative things, I would dump those thoughts! Your experience in life is what you think about most. Your perspective is controlling your results!

Success is when you are doing what you love. Whatever it is! Don’t let anyone drag you down! Tell the naysayers to go live their own dream! YOU have to love what you do, it’s the only way you will live a HAPPY life. Why? because no matter what people say, your work translates into your personal life!

DO NOT over-complicate success. It’s not this complicated code that only the “selected” can crack! That’s just not true! Surround yourself with people that are going to Stretch your mindset and grow your dreams. Expand your thinking by being around the movers and shakers in your industry. Read something daily that will improve the person you are today. Share what you learn. And take action on what you learn. Knowledge is NOT power! Applied knowledge is POWER!


Figure out what your Why is. What drives you? Take that and put it in your gas tank. Put your car in drive and start traveling towards your dreams! Today! Be specific as to what you want your life to look like (DREAM BIG) and take action! Its worth it!

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Living The Dream


I’m currently sitting at my brother’s barbershop and I’m admiring the fact that he is living his dream. I can remember him using us as “test dummies” for his new found passion. But he faced a ton of ridicule for wanting to be a “hair dresser”. I recall him shaking his head and stating that he was a “Barber”!

Flash forward 15 plus years and you can walk into Miguel’s Riverside Barbershop in Bristol, PA. He continued with his passion through the difficult times and faced even harder circumstances when opening the doors of his very own business. I’m very proud of my brother for sticking to his dream and following through with some of his “lofty” ideas. His Diligence has paid off!

Being a “dreamer” isn’t always received with welcoming arms, but if your diligent enough in the pursuit of those dreams, people will soon support your vision. If you instill enough belief in yourself, you’ll eventually make it happen. Like my brother, fight through the doubters and the negative self-talk. Keep pushing, keep going for your goals.

Call To Action:

Are you allowing people to talk you out of your dreams? Are you living just an average life and wish you were living out your dreams? Do at least ONE thing everyday that will move you closer to living the life of your dreams. This can be multiple different options.

  • Reach out to that person you’ve been meaning to contact
  • Read that book you’ve been meaning to read
  • Build a vision board
  • Review and set new goals for this year
  • STOP listening to negative people!
  • Switch the negative self-talk with new positive self-talk
  • Check out the YouTube Video that coincides with this post

There are tons of ways you can start your journey of “Living the Dream” and I hope the small humble list I provided is a starting point. These are just a few ideas that have worked in my life and I hope you can make use of them in some way as well.


Just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for watching/subscribing. Clearly, these video’s will be informal (for the most part) and is more focused on the content. Mainly these will give you a “behind the scenes” look into the Wisdom Miners website.

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