Helping Out Mexico & Puerto Rico

As many of you know, it is hurricane season & our world has felt every bit of its devastating power. We have also been impacted by several earthquakes that literally have changed the face of the world as we know it. Millions of people have been affected DIRECTLY and countless others have friends and family members that have been afflicted indirectly.

As stated in the Washington Post by Angela Fritz,

The 2017 hurricane season has been a full-on assault from Mother Nature. We are under siege, and our attackers have benign names like Harvey and Irma and Maria. But they are callous, powerful, indiscriminate, terrifying, destructive, merciless and relentless…This hurricane season — not yet even close to finished — has generated more destructive, land-falling storms than the past few years combined. Four of this year’s monsters went on to become Category 4 or 5, and three of those made landfall in U.S. territory. The U.S. has never been hit by three storms this strong in the same season in modern records.”

From there we are inundated with all kinds of terrifying news and headlines that take ones breath away…

“Official: Hurricane Maria set Puerto Rico back decades”- Source

Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico officials describe ‘apocalyptic’ conditions”-Source

“Hurricane Irma mangled Florida’s state, national parks”-Source

Hurricane Harvey wreaks historic devastation: By the numbers”-Source

“Thousands homeless after Mexico quake, death toll rises…”-Source

Mother Earth is continuously changing and these catastrophic events appear to be promising a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

Personally, I had friends and family members that had to evacuate all areas of Florida in lieu of Hurricane Irma’s destructive path; people who lost power, belongings and much more.

Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico in shambles and we still have ZERO communication with multiple family members.

Sadly, this catastrophe is only at it’s beginning stages; a terrifying concept when you think about the overall calamity. My heart goes out to the people having to live out this nightmare everyday.

With all that is going on, these two quotes have had the most impact on me:

Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” – Daryn Kagan
In all natural disasters through time, man needs to attach meaning to tragedy, no matter how random and inexplicable the event is.” – Nathaniel Philbrick

I feel the need to help out & I believe the best way I can do so is with YOUR HELP! We are teaming up with a local church that is gathering goods and first aid kits to send over to Mexico & Puerto Rico.

Below is a compiled list of goods needed:

  • LED (lamps)
  • D & DD batteries
  • Powdered milk & liquid milk in boxes
  • Baby Formula
  • Diapers
  • Battery-powered fans
  • Canned foods
  • Cereals
  • Paper goods
  • Pedialyte
  • Bottled Water
  • Non-perishables
  • First-Aid Kits
  • Toiletries: soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.
 For monetary donations, please consider:

Drop-off Location:

Miguel’s Riverside Barbershop

105 Market Street, Bristol, PA 19007 

Business Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9AM-5PM & Saturday’s 8AM-2PM

There will be a weekly pickup at this location, as the goods will be sent out each week to Houston, Mexico & Puerto Rico. ANY & ALL help is GREATLY appreciated!

PLEASE SHARE & Thank you in advance for your partnership! God Bless!


Jimmylee Velez, Team VC, Miguel’s Riverside Barbershop & The Rotated Views Podcast!

Making Mountains Out of Molehills

I was just curious to get a feel for people wanting MAJOR CHANGE in their life…

I was in a conversation with someone and they were mentioning that they wanted MAJOR CHANGE in their life and listed a TON of reasons why. After hearing their viewpoint, I agreed with them that CHANGES needed to be made. The only problem was, that was where the similarities in thought process ended.

This person definitely was viewing the situation as something MAJOR in their minds which meant MAJOR changes ALL at once. Although, this may work for some people, this specific person made ZERO changes because the overwhelming thought of ALL that had to be done paralyzed the “action” part of this solution. I say this often, but I believe it to be true. In MOST cases, we make our problems BIGGER than what they TRULY are; that is not to make light of any situation, but to simply point out a trend…generally speaking.

When we make our problems BIG, we have to take more time to process the situation. Depending on the person, that gives them more time talk themselves out of taking action. If we consider a small problem as BIG, we think that it is going to exert MORE energy, create more headaches, etc.; so NOTHING is done instead.

Simply stated, “Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill” –Jewish Proverb

If you are going through a MAJOR CHANGE or are seeking a MAJOR CHANGE in your life, try to make a simple evaluation. First, analyze the situation to make sure you are not making something SMALL into something BIG. If you analyze the situation and it turns out to be smaller than you initially thought, tackle it immediately and don’t think about it any further. If you analyze the situation and it indeed turns out to be BIG, consider breaking it down into small steps. Break the BIG problem down into bitesize actions steps that you could conquer much easier. These efforts in accomplishing the SMALL steps will then lead to the overall accomplishment of the BIG issue.

In short, if you must go through a MAJOR CHANGE, do it in SMALL increments; one step at a time. Remember, it’s all about perspective. Do not exaggerate the importance of a problem or issue.

I hope this helps! Thanks for all of your love and support! Don’t forget to check out our TOP RATED podcast at We drop a new episode every Tuesday morning and have been getting AMAZING feedback with all the great content/guests we have on the show!

Make Today an Adventure and Have Fun Doing it!



Why Young Women Should Consider Sponsors for Career Advancement [Guest Post]

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Image: Pixabay

Why Young Women Should Consider Sponsors for Career Advancement

When it comes to advancing in your career, doing it alone may seem a little daunting or even scary. This could be especially true if you are new to the job market, returning to civilian life, or embarking upon a brand new career. It is always a good idea to have someone in your corner to help you along the path to success, and a sponsor could be just the push and motivation you need. According to Forbes, a sponsor is “a more aggressive cousin of mentorship, involving advocating for the advancement of high-potential individuals in their careers.” In other words, a sponsor is someone who will put their reputation on the line to advocate for you.

Consider the Stats

When deciding whether or not finding a sponsor is the right career move, take a look at the stats. According to research conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), 68 percent of sponsored women feel that they are advancing in their career at a steady and satisfactory pace compared with 57 percent of their unsponsored peers.

The research also showed that sponsors have a positive effect on pay raises and leadership

 roles. When asking for a raise, 70 percent of women didn’t feel comfortable approaching their bosses. In comparison, with a sponsor, 38 percent of women felt comfortable making the request. As for getting placed in a high-visibility team or a position of leadership, only 36 percent of women said they felt comfortable approaching their boss about the opportunity. With the backing of a sponsor, 44 percent of women took the plunge and asked for the promotion.

How Are Sponsors Beneficial?

A sponsor is your advocate for success as you move up the corporate ladder, but what exactly can they do for you? According to The Balance, sponsors can actively put your name in the ring when an opening is available that matches your skills, experience, and abilities, and personally contact the decision-maker who has the authority to say “yes” to the opportunity or promotion for which you are being considered. Consider your sponsor to be your reference.

Sponsors also have the connections to match you up with others who can help you make progress. In addition, a sponsor has likely been in your shoes at point or another in their career, so they can serve as a toolbox of advice, tips, and personal experience. Take advantage of this and learn from their experience to create your own.

Think of the relationship with your sponsor as a strategic partnership. In an interview for a Monster article, Steve Lanegerud says that the “role of sponsor is to ask what you can do for an employer, not what can be done to develop you as a person and/or professional.” He also notes, “The focus is on creating, demonstrating and leveraging work product that can be used to position you for advancement either internally or externally.” In this strategic partnership, your sponsor takes an active role in your career advancement, and helps you to become more visible.

Qualities to Look for in a Sponsor

It is important to know what qualities to be on the lookout for when trying to find a sponsor. Your fellow colleagues are great, but your sponsor needs to be someone with influence and power. CoreAxis describes the qualities of a good sponsor as being trustworthy and having a “thorough understanding of an organization’s culture and tacit rules.”

When looking for a sponsor, The Balance suggests seeking out opportunities to interact with people in senior positions, so consider joining networking or professional groups in your organization or field. Individuals in your family and friendship circles who have influence in the field you are in or desire to be in will be helpful too. Don’t be afraid to approach them and simply ask to have coffee and pick their brain. Who knows what might become of it – maybe a sponsorship.

Author: Gloria Martinez

Discipline is NOT Punishment

Discipline is NOT Punishment. This has been a very HOT topic of discussion among my peers. The topic of getting things done is YOUR responsibility and people need to stop being so SOFT! I have talked about this in a ton of episodes on the Rotated Views podcast and I simply wanted to add a few things to the topic.

I was “planning” to begin my workouts every morning before I did ANYTHING else, but on the very first day I caved to my own negative self-talk. That’s right, even the “motivation” guy has his own weak points to making things happen; something I know I will be working on for the rest of my life. Anyway, I found myself supplying my mind with a ton of excuses as to why these morning workouts were not such a good idea after all…ultimately, I buckled.

Then I began getting mad at myself for NOT working out in the morning throughout the day. I realized I talked myself out of these morning workouts with no REAL good reason. This was frustrating and I knew something had to change in order for me to get the results I wanted. You see, it wasn’t JUST the mornings where the excuses flew into my mind…it was ALL DAY LONG! So even in the evenings when I told myself I would workout, I wouldn’t even follow-through. So I quickly realized I was full-of-crap!

The pain of discipline is a better feeling than the pain of regret and failure. I knew I had to not only commit myself to my decision of working out in the mornings, but understood that this would be a daily challenge I had to overcome. I had to stay consistent and persistent in my efforts; you know…practice what I preach. I had to shut off all the noise and focus on the goal. I knew my body would tell me to stay in bed, so I overcame those thoughts with a winning mentality. As a side note, your body will always be tired…you have to know when to ignore the exhaustion.

Of course this took a little while for me to overcome, but I am now in the routine of working out 5 days a week, first thing in the morning. You see, you cannot simply say “Working out in the morning is not for me”, and totally throw in the towel for physical fitness. You have to come up with a solution for a better time, otherwise, you too are full of crap! Straight up LAZY! Hahaha

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.- buddha

I strongly believe that decision must be backed with discipline. Discipline is NOT punishment, it’s self-control regulated enough to produce the desired results. So stop being so soft and step up to the plate. Stop feeling bad for yourself and making up excuses; they only person that is affected by the them is you. Make a decision to change, take action and stay disciplined…your future self will thank you, believe me, it’s worth it!

To Your Massive Success,


Work Hard & Stay Humble

Working hard and staying humble is simple advice that could quite literally change your entire life, forever. Think about actually applying yourself to a given task and putting massive effort to accomplishing a specific goal; you have the ability to make VAST change rapidly. The key, of course, is to stay consistent and persistent, but understand how POWERFUL you really are.

“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to.” -Leah Labelle

Results will ALWAYS come in. Good or bad, your results will reflect your efforts. So if you work hard, then your results will ultimately be good, but there is a tricky part of life that tags along with this outcome. The tricky part is managing your results properly. Some people get carried away with their successes and others underutilize them. The goal is to find a middle ground and effectively handle your results.

“All bad qualities center round the ego. When the ego is gone, Realisation results by itself. There are neither good nor bad qualities in the Self. The Self is free from all qualities. Qualities pertain to the mind only.” – Ramana Maharshi

This is NOT to say you shouldn’t celebrate your WINS, but to remind you of a wonderful word called humility. Some results may have come “easy” and others may have taken awhile, but just know that you get what you earned. Never get “too big for your britches” and believing in you’re invincible. It’s good to be confident, but too much self-assurance could lead to your demise. Life has interesting ways on humbling us when we are at the peak of overconfidence.

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.” -Saint Augustine

Take pride in your efforts and make certain you place value on all of your hard work. This includes making sure you are not being taken for granted. There are people out there waiting to suck the life out of you and abuse their power for gain. Just be aware of your surroundings and NEVER let someone control you to the point of manipulation.

Work hard and stay humble. The balance may be cumbersome, but undoubtedly worth it. Remember that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS in motion and our life’s results are simply a reflection of our thoughts and actions.

To Your Massive Success,



When It All Ends…

There are so many aspects of life to consider when attempting to live one of complete fulfillment. There are numerous things to try, people to meet and places to visit; it can be an overwhelming thought. But how do you know you are living life to the fullest? How can we DEFINITELY tell we are manifesting a satisfying life?

I recently stumbled upon a Les Brown motivational video that left me in DEEP thought. I began reflecting INTENSELY about life and immediately made a few adjustments to my own life! I found it to be SO valuable I wanted to share it with you.

For those of you who are unaware, Mr. Les “You gotta be hungry!” Brown is a motivational speaker, radio DJ, former politician and author that has been impacting the personal development industry since the 1980’s. The man has a resume that will stand against the BEST! I HIGHLY recommend you get a hold of ANY material of his because it WILL create a paradigm shift and ultimately life-changing.

With that being said, here is the excerpt I was referring to…

“Imagine if you will being on your death bed – And standing around your bed – the ghosts of the ideas, the dreams, the abilities, the talents given to you by life.

And that you for whatever reason, you never acted on those ideas, you never pursued that dream, you never used those talents, we never saw your leadership, you never used your voice, you never wrote that book.

And there they are standing around your bed looking at you with large angry eyes saying we came to you, and only you could have given us life! Now we must die with you forever.

The question is – if you die today what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts, would die with you?” – Les Brown

Ummm…yeah…PROFOUND to say the least; you can see why this left me a bit perplexed in deep thought.

So now I challenge you…when it all ends…

“… what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts, would die with you?”

It’s time to take note of the things that want to manifest themselves through you. What dreams have you put aside? What talents are you gifted with that the world does not know of? DO NOT leave any stone unturned! Take the time to seriously think about this and take immediate action on your dreams, abilities, talents and gifts!

I will leave you with these two Les Brown quotes that should get things started…

“You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers.”

“You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change. ”

When it all ends…hopefully you will be able to say you gave this thing we call life, your very BEST shot!

To Your Massive Success,


It Got Uncomfortable

It was a regular day and I was going about my work like I normally do. I have a specific routine I do daily and I was checking off the “to-do list” as usual. There was nothing really odd that stood out…

Honestly, it was relatively uneventful, but I mean, who doesn’t like a day when EVERYTHING is going your way?!?

But then…it got uncomfortable.

It was not in a negative way, but I knew immediately I was going to experience something new; and with “new” comes the “unknown”. With the unknown comes the “uncomfortable”. The truth is, I was uncomfortable, but in an excited way.

I was asked to give a presentation on a new project we were taking on and to share my knowledge/expertise. It wasn’t so much the presentation that made me feel uncomfortable (I have done many in the past) more than it was the audience and location. Without getting into too much detail, I was entering into uncharted territory and it was oddly invigorating.

To make a long story short, everything went well and I executed the presentation exactly how I wanted to. It was a unique situation that I jumped on and it was well worth it. Although it took me out of my comfort zone, it challenged me. It allowed me to GROW on multiple levels as a professional, as well as on a personal level.

What would have happened if I did not take on the challenge? Instead of growing, I would have denied myself of a wonderful experience that has paid off MULTIPLE times over!

Other things like my podcast (Rotated Views), the book (The Motivation Files), and the spoken-word album (The Motivation Files) were ALL projects I took on that drove me out of my comfort zone. The knowledge I attained, people I met and dreams I fulfilled were ALL worth getting “uncomfortable” for. These dreams were worth fighting for and being challenged was simply a part of the process of manifesting them.

There are many things that we must do in life that will require us to CHALLENGE ourselves and get out of our comfort zones. The beautiful thing about it is that you KNOW it will create a mind-shift to some degree.

“Be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while; take the risks in life that seem worth taking. The ride might not be as predictable if you’d just planted your feet and stayed put, but it will be a heck of a lot more interesting.” – Edward Whitacre Jr.

Whether or not you attained the desired outcome, the important takeaway is the lessons learned during the process. I think getting uncomfortable in life is a sure sign growth is around the corner.

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracey

We have to learn to laugh at ourselves during these “awkward” moments. Life is too short to CONSTANTLY be serious. Plus, you NEVER know what the outcome will be and “guessing” will not move you closer to becoming the BEST version of yourself.

Next time you are challenged and feel uncomfortable about the unknown, try to remember this… “The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone.” – Karen Salmansohn



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